Pre-GP Quiz 2017 Chinese Pre-Grand Prix Quiz


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A picture heavy quiz. Just click the picture to enlarge.
Thinking caps on.

Q1. What was the first year we came here for F1 in Shanghai? Half point if 1 year out.

Q2 Picture round. Hamilton leads on the first lap. Whats the year?

Q3. Ferrari have won here 4 times with 4 different drivers. Name them for a 1/4 point each.
Rubens 2004, M.Schumacher 2006, Raikkonen 2007, Alonso 2013

Q4. Picture round. How many corners can you see here?
Those are corners 1,2,3 and 4

Q5. Who holds the all time lap record of 1:32.238 set in 2004
Michael Schumacher

Q6. Picture round. Name the year
2010. Jenson won

Q7. Was spectator attendance higher in 2004 or 2016?
Highest attendance was the first year in 2004, it has dropped year on year since

Q8. Picture round. Its 2004. Webber is in the Jaguar R5 out front. For half a point each who is driving the Renualt and the Ferrari?
Jacques Villeneuve in the Renault R24, Michael Schumacher in the F2004

Q9. The circuit is shaped like the Chinese character ‘Shang’ but what does it stand for? A) Above B) Below C) Water
A) Above

Q10. Picture round. Where is the correct location of Shanghai A,B,C or D?

How did you do? Post your score don’t be shy.
7.25 ( let down by Jenson LOL)

I have to admit I'm at somewhat of an advantage here. My son lives in Shanghai, I've visited many times and was at the GP last year. I imagine a more normal score for me will be 1 or 2.
Great quiz, thanks.
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