Pre-GP Quiz 2015 Monaco Grand Prix Quiz


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1. What was the first non-Italian car to finish in the top 3 at Monaco?

Vanwall - 2nd in 1957

2. McLaren is the most winningest constructor at Monaco. How many times have they won the race?

15 - 1/2 a point for 1 either way

3. For 10 years, between 1984 and 1993, Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna won the Monaco GP. Who won in 1983 and 1994?

Keke Rosberg in 1983 and Michael Schumacher in 1994 - 1/2 a point each

4. Tyrrell have won in Monaco 3 times. Which driver, who isn't Jackie Stewart, won the race for them?

Patrick Depailler in 1978

5. Monaco has had only 4 cars finish the race on 2 occasions. Can you name the years?

1966 and 1996 - 1/2 a point each

6. Olivier Panis took his one and only GP victory at Monaco in 1996. What was unique about the car/driver combination at Monaco on that day?

It was the first all French victory at Monaco in the World Championship Era

7. The final corner before the start/finish "straight" is called Anthony Noghes, why?

He came up with the idea of a motor race in Monaco in 1929 as President of the Monegasque Car Club

8. Monaco has not been kind to World Champions in recent years. Since 2000, how many race winners have gone on to lift the title and can you name them?

4 -Scumacher in 2001, Hamilton 2008, Button 2009 and Vettel 2011 - quarter of a point each

9. Which World Champion described driving round Monaco as being like "trying to ride a bicycle around your living room"?

Nelson Piquet

10. What song are you now singing in your head?

Don McLean's American Pie - if not you have no soul
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Good quiz.

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