Pre-GP Quiz 2015 Japanese Grand Prix

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Never fear, the Japanese Grand Prix quiz is (just about) here! In time for FP3 too! Apologies I missed the deadline, busy week and all that...
Anyway, without further ado, enjoy!

1. As Bernie has been seen doing something surprisingly human for a change, what was Brabham's best finish at the Japanese Grand Prix?


2. Who scored it?

Martin Brundle

3. Monday sees the birthday of Erik Comas and Mika Hakkinen, but who finished highest in the only race at Suzuka that they both managed to finish?

Mika Hakkinen of course, in seventh, Comas was ninth

4. On the 27th September 1981, who took their final F1 victory in Canada?

Jacques Laffite

5. Who else took their final podium in the same race?

Giles Villeneuve

6. Who was the first retirement from the race in 2014?

Fernando Alonso

7. A Ferrari powered car failed to score points for the first time in Japan since when?

Singapore 2009

8. Complete the sequence: Lucas di Grassi, Sebastien Buemi, Nico Rosberg, __________

Jules Bianchi

9. What is the link?

First retirement at the Japanese Grand Prix (2010-2013)

10. Suzuka is notable for its Championship deciders but who was the last man to win the World Championship at Suzuka?

Sebastian Vettel in 2011
3 but I have a query on Q5
Gilles finished 2nd at the San Marino GP in 1982 which was a Championship race despite the limited field
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