Pre-GP Quiz 2014 Spanish Grand Prix


Right then, here is the quiz for the Spanish GP

1)Who did Kimi Raikkonen crash into on the grid at the start of the 2003 race?

Antonio Pizzonia

2) In which year did Olivier Panis finish second at the Spanish GP?


3) Unscramble the four drivers who have each won the Spanish GP (post-1950) three times:
Kiecja Twatrse; Lenig Lesnaml; Nalia Ropts; Kmia Knnehika

Jackie Stewart, Nigel Mansell, Alain Prost, Mika Hakkinen

4) In what year was that awful chicane at the end of the lap added in not-in Barcelona?


5) Pastor Maldonado won the 2012 race. Red Bull won the constructors' championship in 2012. In what position was the highest placed Red Bull in that race?

6th, with Vettel. Webber finished 11th.

6) 2011 saw an exciting finish between Vettel and Hamilton. But how many teams had cars which finished on the lead lap?
2. Mclaren and Red Bull

7) How many wet Spanish GP's have we had at the Circuit de Catalunya?
3. 1991, 1992, 1996

8) What two compounds are Pirelli bringing to this year's race?
Medium and Hard. No half-points here!!!

9) In what year was the fist Spanish GP held? (Post-1950)

10)And at what circuit?
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