Pre-GP Quiz 2014 Singapore Grand Prix


Podium Finisher
1. Which former GP winner has 39th birthday on qualifying day?
Juan Pablo Montoya

2. On the same day, it has been 25 years since another GP winner died. Who?
Richie Ginther.
His win for 1965 Mexican Grand Prix was the first for him, Honda (car and engine) and Goodyear.

3. Although F1 raced in Singapore for the first time in 2008, Singapore Grand Prix had actually been held before. How many times?
Eight. Half a point for seven or nine.

4. Who threw his driving gloves to the sea during the 2008 race?
Rubens Barrichello

5. Fernando Alonso won (phew!) in 2008 and was 3rd in 2009. Lewis Hamilton won in 2009 and was 3rd in 2008. But can you name drivers who finished 2nd in each of those races for half a point each?
Nico Rosberg in 2008 and Timo Glock in 2009

6. In 2010, which two drivers had their first Grand Prix of the year in Singapore? Half a point for each.
Nick Heidfeld and Christian Klien

7. Sebastian Vettel won in 2011 with Jenson Button second. It was not enough to clinch championship for the German, how many points he still needed after that?
One. With five races to go, Vettel led by 124 points on Button and 125 on Alonso who was out of the hunt.

8. 2012 event saw something happening a previous time in United States Grand Prix 1991. What?
Dry race was stopped early due to two-hour-rule. Half a point if you mention just two-hour rule.

9. Every Singapore Grand Prix to date has had a safety car period. Who caused it in 2013?
Daniel Ricciardo

10. How many drivers have completed 100% of race laps in Singapore?
Three: Alonso, Button and Vettel. Rosberg has finished every race but was lapped in 2011.
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