Pre-GP Quiz 2014 Malaysian Grand Prix


Here you go (oh, and to be clear to any clever folk, this quiz only runs to the event from 1999 - present):

1) Right, this is a pre-GP quiz, so name me all the DIFFERENT winners of the Malaysian Grand Prix.

Eddie Irvine (1999), Michael Schumacher (2000,2001,2004), Ralf Schumacher (2002), Kimi Raikkonen (2003, 2008), Fernando Alonso (2005, 2007, 2012), Giancarlo Fisichella (2006), Jenson Button (2009), and Sebastian Vettel (2010, 2011, 2013) for 1/8 of a point each.

2) In what year was there a massive rainstorm which caused both Ferraris to leave the circuit at the same corner, yet still go on to finish 1-2?

3)In what year was the Malaysian Grand Prix held as the last race of the season?

4)How many times has the race been rain-affected?
4. 2001, 2009, 2012, 2013

5) To the nearest 0.01 of a km, how long is the circuit?
5.54km (1/2 point for 5.50 - 5.58)

6)How well do you remember last year's race? How many cars were classified as finishing 1 lap down?

7) Q3 in both 2010 and 2013 were run in wet weather. But whose pole position time was fastest? Webber's or Vettel's?

8) And, to the nearest 0.1 of a second, What was the time difference between those two laps?
0.3 seconds. Mark Webber: 1:49:327, Seb Vettel: 1:49:674. (1/2 a point for 0.1- 0.5 seconds.)

9) How many laps is the race scheduled to be?
56 (1/2 a point for 55-57)

10) And finally, in the 1999 race, both Ferraris were meant to be disqualified, but had the decision overturned on appeal. Had they remained disqualified, which three drivers would have finished on the podium?
Hakkinen, Herbert and Barrichello
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