Grand Prix 2013 United States Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

So we head back to Texas for the second time since its inception. Can we hope that the exceptional racing last year will induce Bernie to leave it on the calendar for a couple more years at least? That will probably be down to this year’s result and his ability to run things from a jail cell! Al Capone managed it though!

Over 117 thousand peeps rocked up to watch the inaugural GP. If that level of interest is maintained this year, the economics could forestall any negative plans that BE might have for this track.

For a Tilke track, it was received well by most drivers and fans alike. It was something new and unknown and it certainly tested the drivers and the fans’ expectations. 2012 was a ‘good’ race.

However, in 2012 we weren’t quite sure that RBR had taken both the WCC and the WDC – this year there is no such uncertainty.

We are now looking at a race that will involve the drivers who suddenly come to life at contract time; those who have a point to prove; those who are retiring or in limbo. Those who haven’t been paid seem to have their own agenda – the grid maybe a tad smaller, if only by one.

We saw elements of this in Abu Dhabi with Massa, Perez and Gutierrez pulling their respective fingers out. Kimi driving with his eyes shut, even Webber was hoping for a better-than-usual result. Whilst Kimi gave up the will to live, Grosjean thought “sod it, I’m here to race”.

Vettel, of course, will prove a point and, maybe, add to his impressive tally of records. Of course, he didn’t win in 2012, so that will probably be his goal in Austin.

For some drivers, there is all to play for. For others, they are there to fulfil their contract. We, the fans, have no influence here!

But how will it be for the disillusioned fan and there seem to be many? Those who have lost faith in F1 in general. It would be great to believe that Austin will once again rekindle a passion for racing – it was an eye opener last year and, hopefully, again this year.

I’m still an optimist and hope to see some stunning racing on a better-than-average track. As ever it will be down to the drivers and their desire to win.
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As the twitter media says, it's a shame Seb didn't get a reprimand for the Abu Dhabi donuts. He would have got 3 reprimands after the race win + donuts in Austin and a 10 place penalty for Brazil.
Given the relative performance of the Red Bull last year and how it is going this year I'm going to see downforce's win and raise you a Grand Chelem. Hope everyone enjoys the weekend as much as I will.
T1, Grosjean/Maldonado territory

Bit unfair on Mr Grosjean that one now days who has had some excellent starts recently. His start at Abu Dhabi was very under rated as he could have found himself boxed in and heading for accident town but instead kept a cool head and picked Lewis off when he had to back off.

I agree with you on Maldonado though and I'd prob throw in Geido Van Der Barge you off the track for good measure.
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