2013 Pre-GP Quiz Championship


Hans Heyer
I thought it might be fun to keep track of the scores in the Pre-GP quizzes so we could crown a champion (or two as you will see in a bit).

The rules are simple, post your score in the Quiz thread, and one week after the quiz is posted I will harvest the scores. (Will that be long enough or should I change it to two weeks?)

I couldn't decide between scoring systems so there will be two. The first is simply the individual scores added up. The second is based on you position amongst other scorers in the quiz. In the table showing current standing, mjo and teabagyokel are tied between first and second, so split 25 and 18 points between them. You have to score to be eligible for this table.


If there is an overwhelming preference for one scoring system then it could be chosen as the sole table.

As it's just for fun there wont be any prizes, except a bit of satisfaction.

I think that's everything, Good Luck!
Whoo hoo! I am not the most worstest!
I reckon you should "close" the quiz on the day of practice for the following GP after the one to which the quiz pertains and score should be cumulative.
Then I know I'll win.
It seems that everyone who wanted to post has done, within a day or two of the quiz opening. So I will harvest scores one week after it is posted from now on. Here is the up-to-date table after Malaysia, already there are two clear frontrunners in both tables.

Jos the Boss HammydiRestarules MCLS FB Galahad Speshal no-FIAt-please Rachit Bedi gethinceri

After another change of heart, I've put the deadline back a couple of days to let anyone else who wants to compete not be immediately on the back foot. Tagged players have only entered one quiz and now have until 7pm on Wednesday before I finally close both quizzes.

Felt I closed them too suddenly now you all have a chance.
I might try some booze before the next quiz! I can't do any worse than I normally do. I'll just have to cross my fingers the WADA dope testers don't knock on the door :cheers:
I like this...

I'm distancing myself from chasing the pack, therefore avoiding the pressure of success!
Just need to keep up my standard of quiz answering. :s

Genius... :dontmentionit:
tooncheese - How about some kind of bonus for the wonderful volunteers who have written the quizzes? I'd hate to have an advantage because I've not written any quizzes this year.
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