Pre-GP Quiz 2013 Malaysian Grand Prix


Podium Finisher
1. On qualifying day, March 23rd, a driver who competed 36 Grand Prix's and got 3 points is celebrating his 37th birthday. Who?
Ricardo Zonta

2. Initially, the two Ferraris were disqualified after 1999 race. Mika Häkkinen was declared as the winner, but who were awarded 2nd and 3rd places?
Johnny Herbert 2nd, Rubens Barrichello 3rd. Half a point for each correct answer, 0.25 points for answering Barrichello 2nd or Herbert 3rd.

3. In 2000 Malaysian Grand Prix was the last race of the season. Who ended his F1 career with first-lap-crash?
Pedro Diniz

4. In which two years Giancarlo Fisichella had trouble finding his grid slot?
2001 and 2003. Half a point for each.

5. In 2002, the first ever drive through penalty in F1 was given to which driver?
Juan Pablo Montoya, a controversial one for his collision with Michael Schumacher

6. In 2005, both BAR-Hondas were out of the race in third lap. Jenson Button was driving the other, but who drove the other?
Anthony Davidson - replacing Takuma Sato who was ill

7. Fernando Alonso was only 7th in 2006 qualifying due to strange problem. What was it?
After the car was fuelled, the system told no fuel went in, so they fuelled it again. The first fuelling had actually been OK, so instead he had double amount of fuel he was supposed to have. Fuelling problem gives a point.

8. The 2008 race had two Finnish drivers on the podium. How many times in total has that happened?
Three - Japan 2007 and Hungary 2008 as well.

9. In the chaotic qualifying of 2010, who was the best-placed world champion?
Michael Schumacher - the Ferraris and McLarens failed so Alonso, Button and Hamilton were way behind.

10. Whose results from the Malaysian GP?
Nick Heidfeld
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