2013 Driver Line Up


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I haven't really been keeping up with all the changes for next year so I'm not sure who's driving for which team, other than the big announcements.

I know there was a 2013 driver thread earlier but I can't seem to find it now (I really should use the Bookmark feature :rolleyes:) and the first post was never updated so it's way out of date.

Can I get some help filling in the blanks? so we're all clear on who is where.

TeamDriver 1Driver 2Engine
Red Bull RacingSebastian VettelMark WebberRenault
FerrariFernando AlonsoFelipe MassaFerrari
McLarenJenson ButtonSergio PérezMercedes
LotusKimi RäikkönenRomain GrosjeanRenault
MercedesNico RosbergLewis HamiltonMercedes
SauberEsteban GutiérrezNico HülkenbergFerrari
Force IndiaPaul di RestaMercedes
WilliamsValtteri BottasPastor MaldonadoRenault
Toro RossoDaniel RicciardoJean-Éric VergneFerrari
CaterhamCharles PicGiedo van der GardeRenault
MarussiaMax ChiltonLuiz RaziaCosworth
This can then at least be a useful point of reference until I get the 2013 Race Hub created.
Thanks, I had already edited my post to include those, along with de la Rosa and Glock.

It's interesting that there are still one third of the seats to be confirmed this late in the season.
In fact, before this morning there were 10 empty seats.
There's no official statement that I can find either, but it is all but confirmed. Instead of finding "di Resta confirmed for 2013" you find a lot of "who will be your team mate next year Paul?" instead.
According to Joe Saward, Grosjean's all-but confirmed at Lotus for next year.
'The driver market is now largely done. Romain Grosjean will be confirmed at Lotus, Esteban Gutierrez at Sauber and Valtteri Bottas at Williams. That means that the best drive available is at Force India, where the second drive is up for grabs'.
So this implies that DiR is at Force India next year.
I'm not going to update the table until drivers have been confirmed, otherwise it just ends up confusing people if it gets changed again later.
In FP2 they were talking about Force Indja and said that "they want a good result here for both their drivers as one will be team leader next year and the other one is off elsewhere," Seems to suggest that PDR is staying put.
Perhaps I'm being harsh but it seems to me that the majority of the line ups that are changing are getting worse rather than better (Sauber, Force India, McLaren, Caterham?...)
I made a similar point in another thread.

Unfortunately it's all about the money these days which is why the F1 grid is going to be less and less about the top 24 drivers and more and more about the top 24 richest/sponsored drivers.
Got a feeling that Kobayashi might end up at Force India with Paul Di Resta. It's just a feeling I've got! He's just to good to go rotting away in the back ground. He may not be good enough for a top team but certainly Force India would be a perfect fit for him :).

Also Max Chilton likely to be confirmed as Pic's replacement at Marussia :).
Reckon Sauber have replaced two inconsistent drivers who'll score in two non-overlapping halves of the season with one who'll score in the lot and one who'll score in none of them...

You may end up being right, but I don't think its fair to jump to that conclusion before Gutierrez has even had a chance. He will probably start slow but you never know what could happen second half of the season.
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