Pre-GP Quiz 2013 Chinese Grand Prix


What's that I hear? You want a pre-GP quiz? Well here it is :).

1. Let's start with an easy one. For 1/8 of a point each, name the eight previous winners of the nine Chinese Grands Prix.
In year order: Rubens Barrichello (04), Fernando Alonso (05), Michael Schumacher (06), Kimi Raikkonen (07), Lewis Hamilton (08, 11), Sebastian Vettel (09), Jenson Button (10), Nico Rosberg (12)

2. Who set the fastest lap in the race in 2012?
Kamui Kobayashi

3. To the nearest 0.1 km, how long is the Shanghai circuit?
5.5km (1/2 point for 5.4 or 5.6)

4. How many laps does the race have?
56 (1/2 point for 55 or 57)

5. What company was the race's first main sponsor?

6. The Chinese Grand Prix used to be held towards the end of the season. But in what year was it moved towards the start of it?

7. Out of the 9 Chinese Grand Prix, there have been 5 dry races and 4 wet ones. Name the years of the wet races.
2006, 2007, 2009, 2010 (for 1/4 of a point each)

8. How many official corners are there on the Shanghai Circuit?
16 (No 1/2 points here!)

9. Michael Schumacher won the 2006 race to take the lead in the championship after a great drive in the wet. But what postion on the grid did he start from?

10. And finally, according to the CTA overtaking database, which Chinese GP has the most overtakes and which one has the least?
Most: 2012 (90) Least: 2008 (9)

Enjoy!!! :)

I don't mind at all if you read that as twenty five eighths, but that might be a deliberate ruse to trick the scoring system :whistle:

It was actually 218ths.

Oops, did I miss a space this time?
1 & 5/8

The number of questions where my answers were one year/one corner/one grid position out, made me scream!!! :givemestrength:

I'm relaxed about it all now though... :tea:
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