2012 Team-Mate Quiz


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Quick, while there are only 10 complete teams!

1. Since the Vettel/Webber partnership came together in 2009, have Red Bull won more or less than half of the available races?

Less. They've won 27 to the world's 28.

2. Which car number has only won races, since 1974, in the hands of Hamilton/Button?

22. Sorry, Mr. de Cesaris!

3. All of Felipe Massa's team-mates are in the top 30 most starts in F1 history. True or false.

True. Kimi is in equal 29th (with Frentzen - 156), Villeneuve is 23rd (163), Alonso is 17th (177), Heidfeld 15th (183), Fisichella is 6th (229) and Schumacher is 2nd (287). Felipe himself is in 32nd with 152. That is one impressive list of team-mates, by the way!

4. Who won more races, Keke Rosberg or Ralf Schumacher?

Ralf 6. Keke 5.

5. Where did Raikkonen finish on Grosjean's Grand Prix début in Valencia?


6. Who finished higher - Hulkenburg in Brazil in 2010 or di Resta in Brazil the next year?

Both finished 8th

7. Who were the last (not BMW) Sauber partnership to be unchanged over the winter?

They've never had an unchanged winter before, except when they were BMW

8. How many drivers on the 2012 grid made their débuts at the age of 20 or less - making them younger than both Jean-Eric Vergne and Daniel Ricciardo?

TBC its 5. Massa, Rosberg, Button, Vettel and Alonso (in age order at début). HRT or Williams could add Barrichello, Buémi or Alguersuari to that list (or hire a 12 year old!)

9. Name Heikki Kovalainen's team-mates for 1/3 of a point each - not including Jarno!

The very successful Lewis Hamilton, the sort-of successful Giancarlo Fisichella and the unsuccessful Karun Chandhok.

10. At which race did Timo Glock lead 10 laps?

2009 in Bahrain from the start. Toyota's best chance - blown!
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