2012 AUTOSPORT Awards

Isn't everything a popularity award when it comes to this sort of thing?

Sports personality of the year proves that, you just vote for who you like not who is best just like the driver of the weekend threads on this forum.....
Yes of course, I just don't know much about the autosport awards and have always thought that they were decided by a panel of some sort of experts.
I can think of two drivers who deserved it more than Button.

Lewis Hamilton and Dario Franchetti.

Not sure how Button won it.

When I heard this, I was surprised (and that's probably an understatement)...

However, how does this sound as an explanation; There may have been four types of voters here;
1. People who voted for Button as they were either Button fans, or genuinely thought he'd been the best performer.
2. People who voted for Lewis Hamilton in international driver of the year, but wanted to vote for a different driver for international driver of the year
3. People who voted for Lewis Hamilton in international driver, and also voted for him as British driver
4. People who voted for Vettel (or Alonso) in international, but then voted for Hamilton in British driver

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