2011 Winter Testing

Isn't it that the number of days are staying at 15 but they are spreading out to six tests to try to include Bahrain?
According to the Autosport article: "Following discussions at last weekend's Belgian Grand Prix, teams have decided to keep that limit in place for next year too - splitting the 15 days into four tests. One three day test will start proceedings, and then there will be three four-day tests."

So a bit of a difference it would seem although I suspect a lot of this is unsubstantiated and just rumours.

Later in the article however it states: "Discussions are also at an advanced stage for the final pre-season test to take place in Bahrain in the week before the opening grand prix of 2011 - so cars, equipment and team personnel can stay there..."

And Martin Whitmarsh is quoted as saying: "We are going to do four tests before the beginning of the season, so we now have at least six tests in the winter, so that is a step further forward. But what we haven't got at the moment is agreement for testing in the season."

Now I'm confused :D
There was a rumour going round that the tests were going to be expanded to 6 testing sessions, including Bahrain as the final test, as well as an additional test at the end of the year at Abu Dahbi, to test the new Pirelli compound.

Is it possible that the link from f1technical was an article written before the testing schedule was confirmed? As it is I would believe the autosport article that states testing is to remain the same.
Aren't they both right? The Abu Dhabi Pirelli test, a young driver test as last year, plus four tests next year with the new cars?

I could be wrong.
MajorDanby said:
I'd say autosport are definitely correct, and f1technical could be right or wrong. They are very vague :D

I would think that autosport have it right.The tyre tests at Abu Dhabi will be of course with this years cars.The teams can probably load them with ballast to get next years weights and possibly run some aero tests as well.

But the 2011 cars will be different very likely with longer wheelbases to accomodate KERS.If they are longer then the monocoque airflows will change and this can only be tested in the pre season tests next year.
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