Pre-GP Quiz 2011 Korean Grand Prix - Pre-Race Quiz


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1. The last race on 16th October was the second in a Far Eastern country. Which?

China, in 2005.

2. Who won the European Grand Prix on 16th October 1994?

Michael Schumacher

3. Bruno Senna celebrates his 28th birthday on qualifying day. Who won the South African Grand Prix on the day he was born?

Riccardo Patrese

4. The days after the Grand Prix will see birthdays for the Flying Finns (Raikkonen and Kovalainen). How did Heikki do on his birthday in China in 2008?


5. Before Korea last year, where and when was Red Bull's last double DNS?

Valencia in 2009. 9th was a no-score back then, kids!

6. Korea last year was Ferrari's last double podium. At which circuit was their first, in 1951?

Spa (Ascari 2, Villoresi 3)

7. It was also Felipe Massa's last podium. What is remarkable about his 33 podiums?

He has 11 first places, 11 second places and 11 third places.

8. Other than Korea last year, when was the last time Jenson Button actually finished but was outside the points?

Brazil in 2008. In that Honda!

9. Who won the last race which took place after the title was decided?

Sebastian Vettel in Abu Dhabi in 2009

10. Who won the last race which took place after the title was decided and was 4th from the end of the season?

Rubens Barrichello in Monza in 2004
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