Grand Prix 2010 Bahrain GP Practice, Qualifying and Race Discussion


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Re: 2010 Bahrain GP Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

There were a lot of incidents that weren't replayed during the GP. The entire BBC red button forum were completely unaware of most of the events at the start. They were shown that video whilst interviewing Lewis after the race they had no idea Lewis had got a run on Felipe, that he had been quite fairly and robustly fended off, broke too late and that that was how Nico Rosberg was able to get past Lewis for fourth.

I'll say it again just in case any one is in any doubt. The coverage of the Bahrain GP was total crapooka, and as responsible for the perceived dullness of the race as the race itself. Stuff happened and the director/producer sat on his butt and did nothing! :bored:
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