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A man walks into a Libary and asks for a book on suicide,

The Libarian replies, **** off you won't bring it back!

A migit walks into a Libary and asks for a book on irony

The Liberian replies, Its on the top shelf!


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An existentialist joke:

What's the difference between a duck?

One leg is both the same


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Two bricks sat at a bar, “I’m the toughest” says one brick “I hold a huge suspension bridge up, hundreds of lorries cross daily and I never flinch”

“That’s nothing” replies the second “I’m a sky scraper brick, I hold millions on tonnes above me every day!”

Then a tiny little red brick walks through the door, orders a drink and goes to a table. The two other bricks sit in silence and make no eye contact.

“What’s wrong?” the bar tender asks, “You know that guy?”

“Yeah!” one brick replies “Be careful with him, he maybe small, but beware, that guys a cycle path!”


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Two nuns were driving through the dark forests of Transylvania at the dead of night.

Suddenly and quite spectacularly, Dracula landed on the bonnet of the car. He was leering menacingly at the car's occupants, who had slowed to a crawl as the evil one was obscuring their vision.

The petrified passenger whispered urgently to the driver, "Quickly, quickly, show him your cross!".

At which the driver roared "Oy you, you bastard, get off my ****ing bonnet!!!"
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