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Not exactly from the internet but funny nonetheless.

Here in the US, catch basins are very common due to the intense rain to prevent flooding.

They're currently working on the one next to our house (the blue house behind the digger) - it was a temporary hole in the ground for a few years and now they're reprofiling it prior to landscaping.

The problem is we get massive amounts of rain here - several centimetres can fall in a few minutes, and the ground is clay as far down as you can dig.

Which results in situations like this ... 🤣



They've been trying to extricate it for two hours and it hasn't budged.


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that's about 3 to 4 hundred thousand pounds worth of digger sinking into the clay right there.


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I just hope they did that thing where they suck air in through their teeth and shake their heads when looking at the problem ;)


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There seems to be an army of smaller diggers in the background of that last picture . Do they hide in the trees ?


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The big dozer was used to pull the small dozer out, before the small excavator got stuck ...

They still haven't worked out how they're going to do the actual job - the ground is too soft for them to work with/on.
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