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Does this mean the whole British fleet is now in the Gulf?

No, the HMS Queen Elizabeth is in dock having had to return early from testing due to a leak. However I am certain that all our nuclear submarines will be there although not flying the flag as it gets too soggy when submerged.

Nice to know that Jeremy Hunt is planning to give the Navy money for more ships which will be no doubt crewed with non-British seamen as they will be willing to do it for less than the locals.
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It's not an addition just that there will be no gap in the change over this time just a slight overlap. the Persian gulf is a touch shallow for nuclear submarines to operate efficiently


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Thanks F1Brits_90 I hadn't noticed that, now it's all I can see. You're so right! Not very flattering to the person who it is but you can't help what you see can you?


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You know oddly that thought has never occured to me, and what a waste of an ice lolly :rolleyes::facepalm:


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What's funnier is the responses on Twitter - many people assuming the (only) clam he's referring to is the small tattoo above her thumb.

Clearly they aren't familiar with Stephen Fry's wit :D

Which begs the question, what is the clam doing there anyway? Apart from being clammy, that is.
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