1. cider_and_toast

    Poll Did Hamilton do the right thing?

    At the very real risk of burning out the moderators tool kit, let's put it to bed. Did Lewis Hamilton do the right thing in Abu Dhabi in backing his teammate into the chasing pack and disobeying team orders? It's a simple poll, yes or no. For what its worth, I think Hamilton did the best he...
  2. F1Brits_90

    Poll Who do we think could be 2017 drivers world champion

    With next year possibly another new era in 2017 with cars radically different, wondering who do you think will win 2017 title. Continued dominance of mercedes with either Lewis or Nico With more aero will it be Red bull resurgence, with young pair of Riccardio & Verstappen After underwhelming...
  3. Olivier

    Top 10 drivers of the season

    Team principals have votes for the top 10 drivers of 2015 and the results have been posted by Autosport. To nobody's surprise Hamilton is the top driver and Vettel, 1st runner-up. The complete list is below. 2015 AUTOSPORT TEAM PRINCIPALS' TOP 10 1 Lewis Hamilton (229pts) 2 Sebastian Vettel...
  4. olegg

    Poll 2015 Austin Race start and first turn

    Many people talk about "bad Hamilton's move" in the first turn Austin GP. Rosberg also publicly blames Hamilton. I think that Hamilton didn't break the rules What do you think about this episode? and view from Hamilton and Rosberg onboard:
  5. olegg

    F1 Italian Grand Prix: Mitch Evans calls out F1 for double standards

    F1 Italian Grand Prix: Mitch Evans calls out F1 for double standards What do you think about it?
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