Who might replace Massa and where might he go?

Discussion in 'Formula One Discussion' started by Olivier, May 5, 2012.

  1. Olivier

    Olivier Race Winner

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    Who would you say will replace Massa in Ferrari?
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  3. Slyboogy

    Slyboogy World Champion Contributor

    Well there is the Webber rumour whether it's true or not, there's the Kubica rumour too.
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  4. HammydiRestarules

    HammydiRestarules Di Resta fan :). Contributor


    Strong rumours are circulating that Mark Webber has already signed for next season. But I wouldn't be too surprised if Kubica was to jump into the Ferrari next season.
  5. siffert_fan

    siffert_fan Too old to watch the Asian races live. Contributor

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    I can't for the life of me imagine why Webber would choose to go to Ferrari. Moving into a team with a slower car, and being give ABSOLUTE #2 status on the team would seem a foolish move to me. According to Autosport, Horner wants Webber to remain at Red Bull. That seems the better option to me.
  6. Kewee

    Kewee Race Winner

    siffert_fan.......I'm not so sure Ferrari will be slower, even by the middle of this season, and depending on how long he would sign for, Ferrari will probably be very strong under the new 2014 regulations. Regarding his status within the team, he and Alonso are very good friends and ending his career as a Ferrari driver and having the opportunity of measuring himself against Alonso may be, in his eyes, a great way to round out his final years in F1.
  7. siffert_fan

    siffert_fan Too old to watch the Asian races live. Contributor

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    Kewee..The problem is, I don't think he would be given the chance to accurately measure himself relative to Alonso, given the latter's absolute #1 status within the team. When it comes to racing, I don't think friendship would make any difference to FA, he would expect absolute preference IMHO.
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  8. Incubus

    Incubus Champion Elect

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    I haven't seen much evidence of Massa being impeded by own team in any way whatever armchair fans would like to report on Ferrari's situation tbh... what I have seen though is one driver there under-performing while the other frequently over-performs.
    They love Alonso at Ferrari, and the reason they do isn't because they find him nice... it's because he does the job on the track.
    If somebody came along at Ferrari and turned out to be faster than him Alonso would be yesterday's news.
    That's how it happens.
  9. Kewee

    Kewee Race Winner

    siffert_fan......I think a driver capable of pushing Alonso is just what Ferrari would like. It's been said many times that Alonso likes to be No.1 in a team. Yes he does, but he also expects to have to earn that status, which he has done. Every teams ultimate aim is to take first and second in the drivers championship and to win the constructors title also, a strong pairing is the only way they can achieve that. Webber is a very good driver but he's not absolute top draw and Alonso has enough self belief and the ability to back it up, to feel confident of continuing to earn the right of his status in the team regardless of who Ferrari pair him with. Your comment that Alonso expects No.1 status or preference is only a half truth. Alonso would expect nothing if he wasn't delivering results, he nearly always does even in an underdeveloped car, hence his expectation of No.1 status. His position in the team has been earned through hard work, talent and results. Webber simply wouldn't be able to knock him off his perch in my opinion and if the truth be known I think Webber knows that. Sometimes a drivers ambitions soften a little late in their careers and for Webber to finish his career as a Ferrari driver is probably very appealing to him. If he was able to retire as runner-up in the championship to Alonso it could well be the icing on the cake.
  10. Il_leone

    Il_leone Champion Elect

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    That is what my theory was with Perez going the other way...I don't think Perez will be Massa's teammate unless Ferrari want to find out how quick Perez is

    It makes sense to use Webber on a 1 year stop gap before pushing Perez into Ferrari eventually
  11. Il_leone

    Il_leone Champion Elect

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    Whatever Horner says at Red Bull is not worth a pinch of salt..Helmut Marko has made it clear that the STR drivers are driving to replace Webber in 2013 and expecting Webber to retire only for Mark to hit back to say he wants to race beyond 2012

    That is why the Ferrari deal is good for him considering he is a late developer and his teammate has been courted by Ferrari so for Webber to go up against Alonso would not be a bad thing.

    Webber certainly won;t do any worse than Massa at the moment and probably can deal better with the politics and like Alonso uses the odds against him to push himself and defy critics

    Webber would come out fighting if he is backed into a corner not crumble like Massa

    There is mutual respect between Webber and Alonso both being managed by Flavio
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  12. Kewee

    Kewee Race Winner

    Il_leone....Flavio hasn't been Alonso's manager for years now though they do remain friends.
  13. mjo

    mjo Procrastinating Contributor

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    Massa will stay with Ferrari until Perez is ready to join them.
  14. no-FIAt-please

    no-FIAt-please Champion Elect Premium Contributor

    I reckon he's got until the end of 2012. After that if Perez has had a good season I see him filling the void, if not then perhaps we might see Adrian Sutil back in F1. Then I see Massa following Barrchello to IndyCar.
  15. Il_leone

    Il_leone Champion Elect

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    Are you sure about this ? I thought Flav was still Alonso's manager despite attempts to stop him managing f1 drivers as part of his ban for Crashgate
  16. Mephistopheles

    Mephistopheles Banned Contributor

    I think it will be Mark Webber as he and Alonso get on well together...
  17. Johnny Carwash

    Johnny Carwash Champion Elect Contributor

    Massa to go to Sauber and Perez to replace Massa at Ferrari.
  18. Jen

    Jen Here be dragons. Contributor

    Not sure anyone in F1 will pick up Massa.
  19. Mezzer

    Mezzer A fine chap if ever there was one. Contributor

    Racing for arguably the most recognized motorsport brand, a reasonably competitive car, and $$$, are 3 options that come to mind with the least bit of effort.
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  20. Kewee

    Kewee Race Winner

    Alonso's manager is Luis Garcia Abad. He's been handling Alonso's affairs since his move to McLaren in 2007. Briatore and Alonso remain close friends and I'm sure he receives advice from him as a friend but he hasn't managed him for a number of years . Briatore wasn't even involved in the negotiations that led to Alonso signing with McLaren in 2006.
  21. the_roadie

    the_roadie Banned

    Jen - Oh I don't know, Williams seems to have a penchant for hiring Brazilians in their F1 twilight years:snigger:
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