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Discussion in 'General Motorsport' started by Merk_sfi, May 7, 2012.

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    Well saw something that I have never seen in 40+ years of watching motorsport in the 2nd supercars race yesterday.
    Pole sitter and 2nd place on the grid taking each other out on the formation lap, not even the warm up lap simply driving from the pits to the grid. Both suffered to much damage to start the race.
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    Races 7 & 8 of the 2019 championship over the weekend and we finally got another winner.
    McLaughlin driving for DJR/Penske won race 7 to give him 6 race wins and one DNS after his formation lap altercation the previous round from the first 7 races but could only mange 4th in race 8.
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    i saw abit of this last year with Fabian Coulthard going for the title. but im unsure if this is on uk tv at the moment
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    Looks like situation normal this weekend at Phillip Island in the V8's.
    Penske mustangs 1 & 2 after FP2 5 of the 6 mustangs in the championship in the top 6 with Ricky Kellys Nissan in 4th.
    Last weekends race 8 winner VanGisbergen back in 10th.
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    Situation normal, pole and race win to McLaughlin Coultard in second.
    7 pole positions in a row at Phillip Island for McLaughlin 2 in the Volvo, 4 in a Falcon and yesterdays in the Mustang
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    Another pole for McLaughlin for race 10, Coulthard managed to jump him during pit stops to take the win.
    The 3rd 1-2 for DJR/Penske in 8 days.

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