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    Dear Customer.

    We are very grateful that you adhered to the 'get out of our way' clause(2b) of your supply contract with us at Monaco but feel the need to remind you of other clauses you are not adhering too.

    Clause 3a part 1 - Turning you back on Toto Wolff is offence punishable by execution. All Force India staff must leave his presence by walking backwards and bowing.

    Clause 4d part 6 - No member of the Force India team up to and including the drivers must make eye contact with Lewis Hamilton. When he is seen simply bow your heads and whisper "he's just like Senna".

    Clause 11c part 8 - All Force India cars must crash into a Ferrari at least once during an F1 weekend. We did think this one would be easy as you have Sergio Perez but obviously not.

    Yours kindly

    Merc engine supply.
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