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Discussion in 'Clip The Apex Presents...' started by Jen, Jun 4, 2011.

  1. Jen

    Jen Here be dragons. Contributor

    Goodness, that didn't go down too well! Almost rubber hoses at dawn!

    Needless to say 3 wasn't best pleased when I said there was no possibility of moving his bulky frame nearer to the TV.

    He, like Mad, was pissed of with the fact that 'it is on Sky', so both needed to be very much more mobile if they wished to have an immediate result. I suggested that weight and age were against them which, also, didn't go down well!

    Mills sniggered - she may be a bit creaky but can at least make it upstairs to watch on the laptop (whatever that may be!) and quite readily goaded the boys with the fact

    I intervened and suggested that I bring the laptop down to the kitchen and turn up the volume. Neither would see the action but could hear what was happening - grudgingly they concurred. Mills suggested to both that she could relate the intricacies equally as well as Martin by sitting on my knee and watching. In the interests of fairness, I told her she would be on the floor or prowling between the two housemates - that didn't go down well either and we have had a lot of 'cleaning up' to do today.

    There are two plus sides from my point of view: I can cook my dinner without missing any racing and 'The President' can decide if he wants to join in!!
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  3. Jen

    Jen Here be dragons. Contributor

    'The President' is warming to the idea of becoming the newest cast member! His only reservation for the weekend is if I use his fan oven he won't be able to hear what is going on - fair point, well made.

    His only other qualm is his name. As a sensitive newbie he doesn't want to been known amongst friends as The President. He rattled through various options, Bush, Thatcher, Blair, Merkel, et al - obviously more au fait with politics than his demeanour would suggest but equally empathetic to 'his heightened status' and it's possible effect on the household.

    I suggested that I poll Mad, Mills and 3 to find a suitable alternative.

    Anyway this weekend may be fun, if not at the race, then certainly at home!!
  4. Jen

    Jen Here be dragons. Contributor

    Oh Lord, such uproar and delight in the house.

    We have all watched FP1 and FP2 on the TV.

    The only slightly disadvantaged member was 3 although he enjoyed being included in the experience - whilst being able to hear in 'real time'. He bonded well with Mills who felt it her job to rush back and forth with an explanation of the visual.

    Of course, Mad felt he was in an appropriately privileged position - the longest serving member of the team and closest to the TV. A little smug without realising that his haughtiness could cause mayhem.

    The President has settled on the nickname of 'Putin'! This has caused endless humour in the household. Why,I'm not sure.

    Mad was, initially, taken aback as he is the longest serving associate and feels he is worthy of more recognition. Mills didn't give a stuff and could only see things from her point of view but liked to help out if it upped her status a bit. 3 took it on the chin - a youngster in terms of our F1 'family'. And as Putin says, "Think on"

    I can still here chatter and banter downstairs - all excited about the last race of the season even with double points. That must be a bonus, surely?

    The TV will be on super-early for qually and the race - they all know that the WCC has gone to Mercedes and are agog for the WDC.
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