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Discussion in 'Gravel Trap' started by Brogan, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. Brogan

    Brogan Leg end Staff Member

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    I thought I'd start this thread as it's a good way to break the ice and to allow new members to introduce themselves.

    I'm a fan of all motorsports but mainly F1 and BTCC.
    I take an interest in quite a few drivers and teams so no real out and out favourites for me, although of course I support all the British teams and drivers :cheer:
    I also tend to favour the Finns for some strange reason.... :dunno:....Mika Häkkinen being one of my all time faves and I was still following him in DTM until recently.

    The idea for the site came about due to the way in which the BBC forum moderators handled the whole Max Mosley affair, not to mention the poor moderating and constant bickering on the 606 site.

    As for my user name, well nothing too exciting, it's just a name.
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  3. largeflowered

    largeflowered Rookie

    Hello liberalfan!!! Nice one ;)
  4. Penske666

    Penske666 Rookie

    Ello peeps, I'm guessing most people know me - Hamilton fan Troll slayer etc...but what about my tag?

    Nowt to do with him downstairs I'm afraid to say it actually dates to PS1 games and Penske's return to the Indy 500. They were numbered 66/68 but there were only 9 charachters available hence Penske666 (or what should have been Penske6668)

    What about yourselve, where does your name come from?
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hi All,

    Cards on the table time .. ooh err missus!

    Saltire is the flag of Scotland and although I've not lived there for the last 10 years, it will always be my heritage. The lass bit is just the Scottish word for girl .. though it's a long time since I was a girl <laugh> but if you think I'm gonna tell you how old ... dream on <laugh>.

    Driver wise I love DC, Alonso, Kubica, Vettel and I like most of the rest with the possible exception of Webber.

    Can't be bothered with the extremist fans on 606, those very biased towards or against Alonso and Hamilton, though I do occassionaly like to engage the wums when I'm in the mood (bad salti).

    I tend to have a bit of a laugh when a certain McLaren driver makes a stupid mistake <sorry>. Hopefully though, people realise its just banter and not hate? .. though I've been accused of that in the past.. hasn't everyone who's not a diehard Lewis fan?

    But that's enough about me!
  6. rufus_mcdufus

    rufus_mcdufus Champion Elect

    I'm named after one of my cats! He's actually called Rufus but McDufus seems to fit rather well.

    I'm a die hard McLaren fan - the team and not necessarily the drivers. I'm fine with any team except have a few historical issues with Ferrari particularly when a M Schumacher drove for them. I'm (just about) over it now.

    I'd really like to work in F1 on the IT side and keep trying, but it never works out :(
  7. largeflowered

    largeflowered Rookie


    Cards on the table time for me as well. A more "mature" F1 devotee... (ie still has own teeth, some hair and diginity (fast on the way out), been through mid-life crisis etc).

    The "handle" is enigmatic: part of it refers to my RL name, the rest is...enigmatic.

    Supports (nowadays): = JB, VMM, DC and alas SA (RIP). With a growing fondness for "Bob K", LH... BTCC and British F3 and Oulton Park is the nearest track to me.

    (Now where did I put my pipe...and slippers. Well, OK, not quite...I'm actually 3 days younger than Martin Brundle)

  8. Brogan

    Brogan Leg end Staff Member

    Featured Threads:
    Hopfully you've seen the BTCC forum here ?
    It's my 2nd favourite form of motorsport after F1.

    That forum has even less posts than the F1 forum...... LOL

    If you think it's worth setting up a F3, GP2 or any other dedicated forum, just let me know.
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Str8y here,

    Born in Ireland .... I've just returned from living in Canada and am temporarily living in Dublin, Ireland at the moment.

    Am a big Fernando fan, but have a soft spot for Christian Klien for some reason!!!!

    You wont see me on 606 on Thursday nights as I am out boogie-ing to the 80's .. and wont see me on Saturday nights as I have trouble seeing in front of me, never mind trying to type letters on a keyboard!!!! <hic>
  10. bogaTYR

    bogaTYR Points Scorer

    bogatyr... named after a mystical russian hero out to save the country. thats me for you! man on a mission... i even have my very own mentioning on wikipedia (thats my in the middle by the way, looking for a Spyker). I am not Russian but have been there quite a lot and just love the friendliness and warm nature of the people.

    i like f1. i don't know anything about technical stuff and even less about lots of other things. but i try to make a sensible contribution to the proceedings. i work and live somewhere on the continent of europe as a strategic marketing blablabla in telecom. started loving f1 with the roar of the Matra and the look of the JPS Lotus. I at times spend a weekend at the circuit with a GT Touring Car Team owed by a friend. Its a hobby.

    I have no real favourites in F1 but my heart lies with the teams in the back. They are the heart and soul of F1.

    And I cannot remember making too many serious postings on 606. Hey, F1 is entertainment! People get way too excited about these things. And cos its entertainment I do not discuss issues like Max Mosley.
  11. liberalfan

    liberalfan Rookie


    Finally managed to find a few minutes to navigate this site! I've only been a devoted fan of F1 for the last few years, although I've had a pretty good idea of what has been going on over the years, as it's been followed in my household for as long as I can remember. I got into it after going to a few motorsport events (A1GP and superbikes) at Brands Hatch. It suddenly made it so much more exciting.

    I remember the great drivers of the 70's, 80's and 90's. I have a soft spot for Lewis, Kovi and McLaren. Having said that I have a great deal of respect of all the F1 drivers out there, hence my nickname "Liberalfan".

    I got fed up with 606. The politics there are almost as daft as some of those in F1 right now, but the love of the sport, finish the sentence and a chance to get on line with fellow fans is why I'm here.
  12. HI all,

    Been following F1 and other motorsports since the late sixties, also have done, and follow, rowing, fencing, archery, badmington, swimming and table tennis over the years. Most long ago now though.....*sigh*. My current passions for active participation may well be seen with the avatar though.... For more than twenty years now 14th century Western Martial Arts full contact sword fighting and longbow/crossbow archery......

    Take care

    (PS the armour *is* real BTW come in at about 42 Kilo in total.....)
  13. Penske666

    Penske666 Rookie

    Eek - my sword skill is average at best and I'm useless at archery...last time I tried that I still had a slightly dislocated arm - the safest place to stand was in front of the target!!!
  14. I hope the arm was not dislocated because of the archery? What sort of sword skills?

    Take care

  15. Penske666

    Penske666 Rookie

    Got a nice broad sword but haven't used it for ages used to practice with the Nevilles'/Percys' et al at Whiston near Sheffield

    Dislocated my arm sneezing whilst getting off a train - great fun
  16. Oh right...... WOTR then?

    I'm a bit earlier mid 14th.....

    I use arming sword, hand and a half(bastard) and two handed, mace, various sized axes, flail, glaive and poinard. I have also used a bardishe on a few occasions but they are just too effective (read dangerous). Had the longbow for about three years now but have used the crossbow for over twelve.

    Take care

  17. Penske666

    Penske666 Rookie

    Bit of owt really. Helps to understand my archaology - no point finding bits in ground if you can't identify them :snigger:
  18. Actually probably teaching you to suck eggs here but saltire is a heraldic term for anything crossed over on a heraldic achievement. So, for example, if it was two pens then it would be described as "two pens in saltire". So the Flag of St Andrew, whilst commonly called "The Saltire" is in fact "Azure, a cross in saltire, argent".

    But you probably already knew that..... :)

    Mine in the avatar, for example is argent, three lozenges in fess, gules, which means white field (background) with three red lozenges (diamonds) close together (the points touch) across the middle.

    Take care

  19. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Well, I'm learning loads new today TMF, I honestly didn't know that :)

    I knew that there was the St Andrews Cross (which I've always known as the saltire) and there's also the Lion Rampant but didn't know of their origin.

    It always interested me that the Union Jack is supposed to represent the flags of England, Scotland and Wales (showing my ignorance again but no Ireland?). The St George's Cross and the St Andrews cross are evident in the design ... but I wondered what part of the Welsh flag is used... there is no green or any dragon on the Union flag. If you know why, can you PM me with the answer. Thanks :)
  20. Brogan

    Brogan Leg end Staff Member

    Featured Threads:
    None at all unfortunately :(
    Best flag of the lot too IMO lol ;)

    There was some talk of putting the dragon in the centre of the union flag.
    Personally I think that would look a bit silly and fussy.

    They should just ditch the union flag and adopt the Welsh flag :p
  21. Andrea_Moda_Rules

    Andrea_Moda_Rules Podium Finisher

    Hiya all my names Dave and im a nutter :twisted: from Birmingham

    im aonther disgruntled 606er, hmm there seems to be a few of us, I just got fed up of constant WUms and stupid moderating concering the Max Mosley affair

    Well i have watched F1 since 1994 and it started my love affair with Motorsport, I tend to be a fan of the underdog, R.I.P minardi, Tyrrell, Super Aguri, but I have a soft spot for Ferrari has I love thier Cars, my dream is to Own a 1960's Ferrari Dino. And i also like Kimi too ,he doesn't say much but when he does its always something intresting.

    I enjoy the BTCC, Aussie V8s, Moto Gp and WRC (although WRC less so now) but to be honset, I just love to Watch good racing and prefer 'Sprint' to the Enduro's like LeMans. Also i cant be arsed with all the silly poltics of Motorsport, as long as thiers some good racing I could care less who's running what, why sponsers are doing this and that, and who is Joe Bloggs latest piece of skirt is.

    Away from the smell of burnt rubber, castor Oli and and the sound of engines Revving, My other intrests are Football (just) snooker,Music, my Guitar and getting lashed on the weekends (Bl**dy hell it looks like a CV)

    Favorites Bands are, Nirvana, Muse, Led Zepplin
    Favorite TV programmes, Dr Who, The Mighty Boosh, and Heroes

    *Edit* (Hehe i can edit my post and at 3 in the morning, im loving this! :party: 606 eat your heart out)
    Oh yeah the reasoning behind my username, well upon coming to the motorsport thread on 606 and cutting all ties with the footie forum,(well i made about 3 posts) I wanted to show that i wasnt someone who joined because of the haimilton craze and show i know a lot about F1 and have a sense of humor so i took the worst team ever Andrea Moda (ok perhaps its that life team, but considering AM's history I thought it was funnier) and said they rule.
    And there you go andrea_moda_rules

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