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    I didn't run the Rookie Championship last year but due to how interesting the results from this years have been I thought I'd do the end stats and see how it worked out using the same rules as I did this year and in 2013. It had 3 competitors in Kevin Magnussen, Danil Kvyat and Marcus Ericsson (with Andre Lotterer and Will Stevens compeating in one round each). It was a little one sided with Ericsson not standing a chance and not even getting to finish the season.

    The results are as follows:

    Quail Championship:

    1 - Magnussen - 174pts
    2 - Kvyat - 130pts
    3 - Ericsson - 63pts
    4 - Stevens - 4pts
    5 - Lotterer - 4pts

    Race Championship

    1 - Magnussen - 166pts
    2 - Kvyat - 100pts
    3 - Ericsson - 42pts
    4 - Stevens - 6pts

    Overall Championship

    1 - Magnussen - 340pts
    2 - Kvyat - 230pts
    3 - Ericsson - 105pts
    4 - Stevens - 10pts
    5 - Lotterer - 4pts

    So it was expected given the car he had that Magnussen would have won this but he actually did it by a country mile with Kvyat not really putting up any sort of fight.

    Magnussen is on the sidelines though and Kvyat moved up to Red Bull. Thats just the way the cookie crumbles I guess.
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