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Discussion in 'Drivers' started by HammydiRestarules, Sep 20, 2011.

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    listening to grosjean on the grid. how he was going to give up racing to be a chef post Renault sacking but when he went to enroll he was told he was too old. the GT1 rang him up later that day & he accepted. then later that year DAMS rang him up saying we know if its the car or driver that slow. impressed got paid GP2 drive & the rest is history

    but he gave his view on the 2012 incidents. he says Japanese gp was the worst because he was at fault & mark webber wanted to punch him, he says he had no defence, almost said go on I deserve it. bit interestingly he says he still disputes that he was at fault in spa & shouldn't have been banned as Hamilton should've given him more room. in that spilt second he happy with decision he took. I still disagree with grosjean but interested to get other opinions

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    Grosjean was at fault in Spa but a lot of the fall-out was ridiculous. Bernie going on about him having 'peripheral vision problems' and Grosjean having to get 'treatment' was demeaning. I'm glad he gave Alonso a fright.
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    Funny thing is that they give a reasoning of his multiple first-lap crashes for ban but they had never penalized Grosjean earlier with smaller penalty.

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