Rio Haryanto

Discussion in 'Drivers' started by racecub, Feb 17, 2016.

  1. The Artist.....

    The Artist..... Champion Elect

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    For me, Haryanto is a loss. He put up a good showing against Wehrlein this season (when many gave him no hope).
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  3. Il_leone

    Il_leone Champion Elect

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    He's not a rubbish pay driver and certainly Wehrlein did not exactly thrash him
  4. Titch

    Titch Champion Elect Premium Contributor

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    However for a driver who has featured so little in F1, and is not about to feature at all in 2017, he spends a lot of time at the top of the current threads list.
    It mystifies me.
  5. F1Brits_90

    F1Brits_90 Race Winner

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    Well he wasnt ever going to be stationery in the list, as he was staple of the grid
  6. Greenlantern101

    Greenlantern101 Super Hero And All Round Good Guy Contributor

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    His stats look good on paper.
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  7. RasputinLives

    RasputinLives Not dead Contributor

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    I certainly had him penciled in for future races.
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  8. Bill Boddy

    Bill Boddy Professional layabout Premium Contributor

    Did you have an eraser close to hand just in case?
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  9. TR

    TR Rookie

    Yeah, it is really weird, isn't it? :whistle:
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  10. F1Brits_90

    F1Brits_90 Race Winner

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    I thought id say that ive just stumbled upon what rio haryanto is up to now as he seemingly fell off the face of the earth after leaving midseason back in 2016. he came 5th

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