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Discussion in 'Drivers' started by HammydiRestarules, Jul 14, 2011.

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    When Bouillier took over Renault last year he felt Grosjean was not ready for F1 certainly after the torrid expereince Flavio Briatore put him through as he was in for the wrong reasons and really landed himself into the lion's den.

    SInce then Grosjean parted with Flavio Briatore which is a smart move given he realised Flavio's favourite sons are Alonso and Webber and should realise other drivers like Fisichella, Trulli have suffered under his management.

    There was talk of France wanting to host a GP again and certainly having Grosjean might help . Having Grosjean will be cheaper and make Renault look to the future.

    Certainly Grosjean came with a glowing reputation and an impressive CV so he deserves a fair chance
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  3. Dave Aston

    Dave Aston Rookie

    Heidfeld... I know he's beaten a lot of good teammates for points over a season. But, has he ever looked like winning a Grand Prix? Alonso at Renault, both before and after his championships, Kubica at BMW, Button at Honda and Vettel at Torro Rosso all managed wins in cars not expected to be winners. He's the definitive 'good but not great' F1 driver. I reckon if he was anything more, McLaren, Ferrari, or lately Red Bull would have been rushing to sign him. I see Rosberg following in his footsteps (not going to Renault, I mean just not winning a Grand Prix) Having said that, I'd love to see him win one before he retires, he does deserve it, and it would be a popular win.
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  4. Il_leone

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    thats the problem with Heidfeld he is just solid and dependable but he is missing that bit extra that would the top teams go after him.

    His best performances apart from Malaysia tend to be in changeable conditions when he takes a gamble on tyres...he does not possess strong enough race pace. In 2009 he was hardly noticed apart from Malaysia when he gambled on staying out and SPa for nearly collecting Webber in the pits
  5. Josh

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    I think Boullier stating that they now rely on Petrov for performance and Heidfeld for the technical side says enough about him, really... Petrov is relatively new to the sport, and while he's not bad (I actually think Petrov is pretty good but that's another thread), Heidfeld should be doing better than what he's doing now... He's not impressive at all.
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  6. Josh...There it is in a nut-shell!!! You just said it: Heidfeld is 'unimpressive'!

    It's as plain and simple as that.

  7. Slyboogy

    Slyboogy World Champion Contributor

    The way they're treating Nick is disgraceful.

    He had one none score that was his fault (Australia) other than that only the folly of others has stopped him scoring every race, he never causes incidents.
    Renault give him a spontaneously combusting car and no chance to qualify and he gives them points and out finishes Petrov. If getting no practice and starting 24th was the quickest way to the end of the race everyone would do it. He was high in the points in Canada when Koby-Whakcy stopped in an acceleration zone. The buck-tooth shitwit Moose struck when Heidfeld was on for points in Germany and after all that he STILL LEADS PETROV IN THE CHAMPIONSHIP. You score points on Sunday and Heidfeld has done that more than Vitaly despite fates seemingly conspiring against him.
    Don't get me started on that lanky lump of ****ing driftwood riding the 10 mile long coat tales of his uncle into F1 like a brain damaged Yale legacy. Shave that scraggy excuse for facial off and jog on Bruno Lalli.

    SLY, do us a favour a copy and paste that rant onto to CTA in my name...

    - Can you guess by who? Evilwhippet, he can't get on to CTA as that same problem is arising.
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  8. Il_leone

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    Remember Heidfeld said he was somewhat bemused there was a lack of interestin in his services when BMW called quits
    in 2009 whilst Kubica was snapped up by Renault already.

    Heidfeld has done nearly 200Gps so its not like he's inexperienced plus his Cv says he's beaten every teammate bar Kubica and Frentzen so here's his opportunity to prove people wrong especially Mercedes. He was dubbed as a world class driver by Mario Thiessen and the Renault is not a bad car to prove this.

    His qualifying has been sketchy and he's not beating Petrov as convincingly as Kubica was.

    Yes he is getting the points ahead of Petrov but only just but there is a feeling at Renault that Kubica would have got the car further up the grid and somehow the early testing form from Heidfeld has disappeared
  9. O dear.

    2-tenths off Vitaly in an increasingly uncompetitive car. The noose just might have tightened further.

    Nick certainly doesn't seem to be showing much team leadership with that car droping down the grid in the development race.

    O how Renault must be rueing what they let Kubica get into!
  10. Slyboogy

    Slyboogy World Champion Contributor

    Judge after the race...
  11. EvilWhippet

    EvilWhippet Podium Finisher

    You know Petrov outqualified Kubica at Hungary.

    Heidfeld, despite being constantly shunted off the track still leads Petrov. Can you imagine what he'd do if he was in a team that would give him some damn support? His situation of constantly being trash talked by his own team while everyone on track seems smitten with the idea of DNFing him is even more demoralising than Felipe Massa's circa Germany 2010, and yet he soldiers on. Now they're taking away half of his practice WHEN THE PROBLEM IS QUALI?? Madness, especially as, despite all of this being against him he leads Petrov in the championship and would be ahead of the Mercs if it weren't for the madness of Kobayashi and Buemi.
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  12. Slyboogy

    Slyboogy World Champion Contributor

    Deep out...and shake it all about and do the ...
  13. MCLS

    MCLS Anti F1 fan Valued Member

    Heidfeld really has been on fire this year, shame really that it's the car doing the burning......
  14. EvilWhippet

    EvilWhippet Podium Finisher

    Ahaha! Please...


    excuse me while I hold my sides...
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  15. Where was Nick when he retired?
  16. Brogan

    Brogan Leg end Staff Member

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    BMW Sauber?
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  18. EvilWhippet

    EvilWhippet Podium Finisher

    I covered my opinion on the Renault's drives in the driver of the weekend thread.

    I was most dissapointed in Petrov, he was fantastic here last year. Not scoring from a high position in Canada must look really bad now the Renault's slipping backwards through the field.

    Also, the sooner they put the spoon-faced fishy gentleman in glasses, Eric, out to stud (for the purpose of breeding more pancake people) the better.
  19. Il_leone

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    yesterday's fire in the pits summed Nick Heidfeld's season he's enduring with Renault going up in smoke

    I guess Eric Bouillier can no longer use the team has been screwed up by Alonso and Briatore as an excuse anymore

    More to the point do Lotus led by the clown Dani Bahar know what they are doing ?
  20. FB

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    Anyone want to meet the bearded one in Belgium?
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  21. Slyboogy

    Slyboogy World Champion Contributor

    I know one guy who desperately would :whistle:

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