Discussion in 'Formula One Discussion' started by jochenrindt, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. jochenrindt

    jochenrindt Rookie

    Should be hung drawn and quartered!

    just a moderation test to begin with!

    I hope we can get everyone to this board and talk like adults
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  3. Penske666

    Penske666 Rookie

    Mornin JR - nice to join the new 606 board LOL

    Mosley is the worst director there has ever been - he sleeps with several prostitutes (which I though was illegal in this country) and gets away with it.

    I feel sorry for his missus.
  4. Just to let you know that my account on 606 has been suspended for the temerity of asking exactly what can be posted there. The account still exists but they have prevented me from actually posting anything.

    Hey ho. Still there and looking and, in fact, posting under a pseudonym.....

    Take care
  5. jochenrindt

    jochenrindt Rookie

    I'm still flirting with danger but haven't been blocked completely yet. It would be really good if all current F1 606'rs moved over to this board. It's ridiculous that you cannot discuss one of the biggest stories in F1 at the moment even though it's all over the papers! There was no such clamp down of opinion when "spygate", broke. It may have been different but still involved big names with powerful seems Mosley is more powerful than anyone thought.
    Even if things get out of hand on occaision at least we can discuss what we like as adults & fans
  6. Brogan

    Brogan Leg end Staff Member

    Featured Threads:
    That's the idea.

    I keep promoting the site but my articles keep getting deleted.
    I'll carry on posting the link to this forum as long as I can before they finally suspend my account.
  7. jochenrindt

    jochenrindt Rookie

    Hi Penske, Does he even have a wife?? She's kept quiet if he does. I totally agree with you, why should we cower from the threat of libel when Mosley has blatantly broken the law, criminal charges please??
  8. Penske666

    Penske666 Rookie

    Her name is Jean Taylor apparently
  9. jochenrindt

    jochenrindt Rookie

    During Mosley’s Presidency of the FIA there have been several controversial events that have often generated criticism and calls for him to resign. Of the criticism aimed at him Mosley has said: "I don’t mind flak – I come from a family where we have had flak all our lives – but I realise some people do. I love reading the blogs when they are being furious about me, it’s very entertaining, and there is the odd one which defends me. But F1 simply cannot divorce itself from the zeitgeist."[
  10. Snort.....

    As if he reads blogs! One of his minions probably does it all for him and generates a management report on a weekly basis detailling how "Baaaaad" he is and tremblingly delivers it to his desk in the hope that the "Baaaad"ness is suitable high.......


    Take care

  11. Penske666

    Penske666 Rookie

    notice that post on 606 quickly vanished - BBC = loosers
  12. Penske666

    Penske666 Rookie

    Yon new thread lasted all of 30 seconds - a new record from the Mods!!!
  13. jochenrindt

    jochenrindt Rookie

    had to post it twice, now there all gone................sob!
  14. Penske666

    Penske666 Rookie

    Worse than my Dick Seaman was A GP Driver complaint AAAAAGH!

    Complaint againts the [BBC] Mods:
    My article about Maxi Jazz has been deleted for no reason that I can see, he is a racing driver and I would like to know what he is doing this year - apparently this has nothing to do with motorsport:

    Dear BBC Community member,...

    Please explain yourselves?

  15. Penske666

    Penske666 Rookie


    Your article on maxi Jazz should now be visible

    Apologies for the delay in publication, it appears that there was a moderation error.
    606 Team
  16. Penske666

    Penske666 Rookie

    The Saga continues

    AAAgh they've deleted it again - where do they get mods from. Personally I'd employee rockers :)
  17. Penske666

    Penske666 Rookie

    E-m to 606 Feedback

    Your idiot moderators have removed this again!!! Please feel free to slap them :)


  18. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hi guys and girls!
    Str8guy here ... I am currently posting under another name as my str8guy account has been banned temporarily on 606

    I will be launching one last bombardment on 606 tonight at 8pm , similar to the one at 9am this morning.. (Man, that was fun !)

    If you would like to join in the fun at 8pm , I will be posting about 20 consecutive articles with '506 Max Attack' in the title and just the same in the article body.
    If you would like to join in , that would be very much appreciated ! :D
  19. Brogan

    Brogan Leg end Staff Member

    Featured Threads:
    Do it around 2230-2300 and the chances are the posts will stay on overnight as the board closes at 2300.

    It would be nice if we could get lots of members over to here but they keep deleting my posts lol
    Besides which, it looks like the majority of members are happy to continue posting there :crazy:
  20. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hey Brogan (Nemesis ?)
    Unfortunately I will be logging off at just after 8pm tonight :(

    For all its faults, the 606 site is very user-friendly in it's layout, I feel.
    Most people are also uncomfortable with change , however this site looks good!

  21. Brogan

    Brogan Leg end Staff Member

    Featured Threads:
    One and the same :)

    Agree on those points.
    However, for all it's user-friendliness, you can't do proper quotes as above, edit post, post polls, etc.
    Also this place doesn't close at 2300 ;)

    Hopefully if we can build up a decent user-base then the site will become more popular and more people will join, ad infinitum...

    If you have any suggestions on how to improve the site, please post them here.

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