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Discussion in 'Formula One Discussion' started by Bill Boddy, Sep 4, 2016.

  1. Izumi

    Izumi Points Scorer

    In a hypothetical scenario I cannot get used to idea that a driver-X will have 256 points (zero speed laps) earned through his race positions, yet a driver-Y with 250 race points and additional 7 speed lap points will win WDC by a point. Seems absurd.
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  3. why does it seem absurd to you?

    F1 is all about speed, in the past reliability had to be rewarded but nowadays reliability is taken for granted and so I think that it's fair to give something to the fastest guy out there. This seems to me to be one of the few smart moves from Liberty, IMHO it would also be great if they awared a point to the pole sitter. Mind you a single point when the 1st gets 25 isn't much, so in order to have some real impact I would award 3 points each to the pole sitter as well as to the guy who sets the fastest lap
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  4. Izumi

    Izumi Points Scorer

    I think my (politely put) discontent with the sporting regulation proposal is based perhaps on personal values. I do consider winning of a race as far as I am concerned more genuine expression of skills, luck, speed and all that good stuff which makes a race winner. Mind you, if we speak about speed, fastest from them all is, by default, the race winner after processing given distance in shortest time interval. Pounding a few violet laps and loosing a race is not my cup of coffee, and at debriefing after race shouting should be accompanied by a few swift kicks into suitable places. Pole sitter is already rewarded if not by anything else, but having others behind him. How much more should he get?

    BTW, while I am holding your attention for a minute, Ferrari will get involved with the (Netflix, is it?) promotional project, which they initially rejected, so I read, at later date.
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  5. good, BTW I have seen on a bit-torrent web site a torrent for 8 episodes of "Formula One Drive to Survive", I wonder if this is the series we are talking about
  6. RasputinLives

    RasputinLives Not dead Contributor

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    It is. It's on Netflix UK now. On my list to watch asap.
  7. rufus_mcdufus

    rufus_mcdufus Champion Elect

    I've watched the first episode 'Drive To Survive? and found it a bit of a struggle to be honest. It's about 90% of the usual interview clichés, for instance Danny Ric says about 5 times "I truly believe I can be World Champion". Zzzz. Guenther Steiner is fun though.
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  8. Ruslan

    Ruslan Points Scorer

    I like the idea and glad to see its return (like Mercedes and Alfa Romeo returning in F1).....but I gather it has not been approved yet. I also think a point or three for pole would be nice.

    With there now being 25 points per race win, then it probably should be 3 points for fastest lap.
  9. Ruslan

    Ruslan Points Scorer

    I made my post before I read yours. Amused that we came up with the same answer.
  10. Angel

    Angel Happy to be here. Contributor

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    I do think if they do approve the 1 point for the fastest lap, they should also do 1 point for pole and maybe 3 points if you get both in the same race? Just an idea.
  11. Izumi

    Izumi Points Scorer

    Based on statistical analyses of past races reward of 25 points for a race winner was - as I understand it - a compromised number which will not let winner to run away from the pack behind him and determine season outcome prematurely, yet gives him sufficient reward for winning a race to make it meaningful.
    I am giving up trying to convince anyone that driving an F1 car should be a hard job for which you need both hands, and no mathemathical mimicks should replace a racing with cars which are able to stay side by side, or which allow close follow up without exhaust destroying tires.
  12. I was confident that we would agree on this one
  13. Izumi

    Izumi Points Scorer

    I like the old procedure. One hour limit, have warm lap, qualification lap, and cooling lap. Max 12 laps in all with any tires you want, coming out any time driver wants. No points for fastest lap, just best place on the grid. Leader should be able to choose between clean or dirty side of the track. That's the reward.
  14. cider_and_toast

    cider_and_toast Exulted Lord High Moderator of the Apex Staff Member Premium Contributor

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    As we haven't got a separate thread to comment on the current TV deal shambles, I thought this would be the best place to post this wonderful news from Andrew Benson's blog. I wasn't aware of these restrictions on Channel 4.

    Sky has imposed a series of restrictions on C4 in the contract for the highlights races, which will affect both the race coverage itself, and what happens around it.

    For example, only 50% of the total running time of C4's programme can now be taken up by the on-track coverage - down from between 60-70% last year. They are not allowed to do interviews in what is known as the 'pen' - where all the drivers are taken to do a round-robin of broadcasters after qualifying and race - or in the pit lane. Any 'pen' interviews they use will have to come from Sky. The amount of interviews C4 can do in the paddock is restricted. And they have been forbidden from doing a 'grid walk'.

    None of these restrictions apply to the live British Grand Prix.

    Should be fun for those who don't pay Diggers ransom.
  15. gethinceri

    gethinceri Daniil Kvyat Fan. Alfa Romeo Fan. Contributor

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    What about those that pay Dogger's ransom?
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  16. Titch

    Titch Champion Elect Premium Contributor

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    Well that’s a set of restrictions guaranteed to increase viewing figures. Not.
  17. Bill Boddy

    Bill Boddy Professional layabout Premium Contributor

    RTL Austria are showing the race live and then it is repeated after all the interviews and guff that follows. They seem to have given a slot of five or six hours to continuous F1.
  18. cider_and_toast

    cider_and_toast Exulted Lord High Moderator of the Apex Staff Member Premium Contributor

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    I believe there are certain channels higher up the EPG that cater for those members. So I'm told anyway.

  19. Bill Boddy

    Bill Boddy Professional layabout Premium Contributor

    Having checked, RTL are displaying six hours of Melbourne F1 GP.

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