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Discussion in 'Drivers' started by Hamberg, Jun 20, 2011.

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    See you could say that if they didn't make these tapes in the first place there would be nothing to leak. :whistle:

    Yes, I am aware that sometimes they are made by nefarious means which are out of their control sometimes as well.

    If that tape pops up and I have to see it in any way I might just :sick:
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    You're asumiass there's only two people :D
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    And no goats.
  5. Ruslan

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    Jacques Villeneuve quote:

    "He [Schumacher] has a total lack of respect for other drivers and what racing is all about....In F1 it's almost everyone too. They change lines and move when braking--things you should not see..."

    Villeneuve said there is a notable exception on the F1 grid--five time world champion Lewis Hamilton

    "Lewis is great because so far he had done nothing that is beyond the boundaries...That's the big difference--he's more of a gentleman on the track. A quick driver but clean."


    Now, Villeneuve generates all kinds of quotable opinions, but on this one, I think he is correct. I have been saying for a long time that Hamilton is a cleaner driver than a Senna, Schumacher, Vettel or Verstappen. This statement always seems to rile people up because of the anti-Hamilton crowd out there. But in the end, while he has certainly had a number of hard racing incidents, the count of dirty incidents and accidents he causes is less than a lot of top drivers.
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  6. Grizzly

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    There isn't a great deal of love lost for Mr (listen to meee!) Villeneuve on here and his often far fetched headline grabbing quotes, but in this case I would also agree, perhaps more recently to his (Hamilton's) detriment. You could argue he's been a little too gentlemanly on track in some recent battles.

    That said, the headline and the suggestion he's surprised people don't frequently die in the lower categories is for more typical of the man, or the press' apparent obsession with quoting him!
  7. Ruslan

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    Well, I was a big fan of Jacques Villeneuve as a driver in Indy Car and in Formula One, but as a commentator, he does seem to rather deliberately make inflammatory quotes so he can get headlines. Still, I thought this was an interesting enough one that it deserved to be flagged.
  8. siffert_fan

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    I always find it interesting when people bring up the "anti-Hamilton" argument, yet mention is never made of the far more obvious anti_German(ic) attitude. Even JV overlooks the misdeeds (and they were legion) of Senna to claim that the rot started with Schumacher! And who are the most denigrated drivers around? Even a cursory look would make it appear that they are all Germanic: MS, SV, and MV.
  9. Ruslan

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    Well, there were always a few questionable drivers out there, but certainly Senna was one of the more ruthless and unsporting drivers to come along. He also did it before it had become the norm.

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