Isle of Man TT

Discussion in 'General Motorsport' started by Greenlantern101, May 29, 2013.

  1. cider_and_toast

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    I see the annual cull of bikers is on again this year:

    Isle of Man TT: Dan Kneen killed in Superbike qualifying crash
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  3. Titch

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    Here we go again.
  4. vintly

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    Yikes. Can’t wait to see some onboards though.

    No not that one.
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  5. siffert_fan

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    We just got back from our first trip to see the TT, and I must say it is truly spectacular.

    When I got my first glimpse of the circuit, it instantly reminded me of the Spa and Le Mans courses of the 1960s and 70s. It made me realize how much I miss the circuits of yore.

    Comparing this circuit to one like Canada's GP course makes the latter look like a man-made, concrete-walled river bed with all the charm of the car park at Orly airport.

    There doesn't need to be bike-to-bike racing, since each bike is so clearly a handful (wobbles upon landing after getting air at 150mph!!!).

    The riders seem akin to the racers of the 60s: more balls than a Christmas tree! How anyone can ignore the ramifications of straying microscopically from the tarmac while going flat out and using absolutely every millimeter of the surface in search of speed is beyond me. It was that trait which drew me to motor racing in the first place, and is one which, IMO, has largely disappeared today.

    I strongly recommend that every one of you treat yourselves to this spectacle at least once. My wife and I are already planning to attend next year, but this time for the full two weeks.
  6. Bill Boddy

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    Due to other things going on I could not watch the races live and so have only just finished the rather short coverage. It really could do with a sports channel to do it justice but I do understand why Eurosport spend so much time on the tennis; after all every match shown must be shown six times in order for us to spot the nuances.

    But even short bits show the speed, skill and bravery of those who take part and it was good to see the sidecar ladies come into the top ten.

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