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Discussion in 'Teams' started by Greenlantern101, Sep 29, 2015.

  1. RasputinLives

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    The Haas/Renault bitch fest has been gradually brewing over the last year or so and Gunther Steiner has basically told them they wouldn't be complaining if they weren't so crap.

    Got to love Steiner.
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  3. F1Brits_90

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    what has happened for Haas, did Melbourne suit car & flatter them considering the real pace of the car, is it the tyre issues because they have gone from the 4th fastest car & finishing 6th to in baku finishing 13th (grosjean 16th pre DNF) in 8th fastest car having scored no points since melbourne
  4. Il_leone

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    Apparently the Haas car can't seem to make the tyres last . Are we now saying the dangers of being closely affiliated to Ferrari ? It appears the tyres only work for the top 3 cars

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