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Future F1 Races Thread

Discussion in 'Formula One Discussion' started by teabagyokel, Apr 11, 2017.

  1. RasputinLives

    RasputinLives I was never cool at school. Contributor

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    How ridiculous - that's just full mental jacket
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  3. Bill Boddy

    Bill Boddy Professional layabout Premium Contributor

    As far as I am concerned that is about the worst thing that could happen to F1. Not long ago they seemed to be talking about more European races; has that gone by the board or are we going to have 53 race weekends per year?
  4. Greenlantern101

    Greenlantern101 Super Hero And All Round Good Guy Contributor

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    They built their first ever race track in 2016. So thats nice. Another F1 race with zero spectators. :rolleyes:
    Try googling Vietnam motorsport series. Naff all.
  5. Rutherford

    Rutherford Points Scorer

    You're all going to start missing Bernie.
  6. Galahad

    Galahad Not a Moderator Valued Member

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    Why would it be worse than Bahrain, Azerbaijan or, er, Turkey?
  7. FB

    FB Not my cup of cake Valued Member

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    No, no, no, no, no. F1 needs another street race like I need another hole in my head. There are some very good circuits in Dutch land so pack it in with all this stupid talk of more street races!

    F1 begins talks to hold Dutch street race
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  8. teabagyokel

    teabagyokel #bringbackmaldo Valued Member

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    Sure there’s a coastal style circuit they could renovate. If Paul Ricard...
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  9. cider_and_toast

    cider_and_toast Everything in moderation Staff Member Premium Contributor

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    If the latest criteria to start talks to hold a race is that you start having a successful driver from that country then God help us if a driver ever makes it on to the grid from somewhere like North Korea or Yemen.
  10. Greenlantern101

    Greenlantern101 Super Hero And All Round Good Guy Contributor

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    I'm still waiting for the Grand prix of Finland.

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