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Discussion in 'Formula One Discussion' started by Sam Senna, Mar 28, 2018.

  1. Sam Senna

    Sam Senna Spectator

    Hi to all,

    I am searching since a while now chassis numbers of cars from the 70s to 90s.. maybe some has them from the Autocourse : The World's Leading Grand Prix Annual books.

    I am searching the chassis numbers like for example : 98T/01 and the races they were used.

    here is the cars chassis numbers i am searching..

    1982 Renault RE30B
    1983 Brabham-BMW BT52
    1984 McLaren-Tag MP4/2
    1985 Williams-Honda FW10
    1986 Benetton-BMW B186
    1986 Williams-Honda FW11
    1987 Williams-Honda FW11B
    1987 Ferrari F1-87
    1988 Ferrari F1-87/88C
    1989 Ferrari F1-89 (640)

    1998 McLaren-Mercedes MP4/13
    1998 Ferrari F300
    1999 McLaren-Mercedes MP4/14
    1999 Ferrari F399
    2000 McLaren-Mercedes MP4/15
    2001 Ferrari F2001
    2001 McLaren-Mercedes MP4/16

    Thanks for every help anyone can give me :)
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  3. Olivier

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    If you don't get success here, perhaps you can check with the folks of F1Technical or the Nostalgia Forum
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    I have copies of Autocourse going back to 1978 but this is a massive piece of work as the chassis numbers are listed race by race not on a single page. Any one particular car you would like to start with Sam Senna ? I'll help but it might not be quick.
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  5. Sam Senna

    Sam Senna Spectator

    Well the 86 and 87 Williams + 89 Ferrari are the ones i am really searching the others are not the priority.

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