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Fantasy F1 2012 - Transfers Thread (Bahrain)

Discussion in '2012 Fantasy F1' started by Galahad, Apr 16, 2012.

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  1. Galahad

    Galahad Not a Moderator Valued Member

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    Please post details of your transfers, internal driver swaps and activated reserve drivers for the Bahrain Grand Prix before midnight on Thursday 19th April.

    You have a total of 15 transfers available to use through the whole season. Each change of a driver, chassis or engine counts as a separate transfer, though you can make as many changes as you wish within a transfer window, providing you have enough total transfers available.

    Promoting your reserve driver into one of your race seats does not cost a transfer. The fee for activating your reserve driver (so his points count towards your total) for the next Grand Prix is £18m.

    Values - Drivers
    DriverTeamCurrent ValueChange since last GPOriginal value
    Jenson ButtonMcLaren-Mercedes£164m+£3m£161m
    Sebastian VettelRed Bull-Renault£161m-£15m£188m
    Fernando AlonsoFerrari£137m-£10m£145m
    Mark WebberRed Bull-Renault£127m-£6m£134m
    Lewis HamiltonMcLaren-Mercedes£126m+£15m£118m
    Kimi RäikkönenLotus-Renault£92m-£18m£98m
    Nico RosbergMercedes GP£58m+£17m£49m
    Felipe MassaFerrari£44m-£4m£66m
    Michael SchumacherMercedes GP£35m-£10m£48m
    Sergio PérezSauber-Ferrari£28m=£10m
    Paul di RestaForce India-Mercedes£26m=£25m
    Bruno SennaWilliams-Renault£16m+£6m£10m
    Nico HülkenbergForce India-Mercedes£14m-£8m£21m
    Kamui KobayashiSauber-Ferrari£12m+£1m£10m
    Pedro de la RosaHRT-Cosworth£10m=£10m
    Timo GlockMarussia-Cosworth£10m=£10m
    Romain GrosjeanLotus-Renault£10m=£10m
    Narain KarthikeyanHRT-Cosworth£10m=£10m
    Heikki KovalainenCaterham-Renault£10m=£10m
    Pastor MaldonadoWilliams-Renault£10m=£10m
    Vitaly PetrovCaterham-Renault£10m=£10m
    Charles PicMarussia-Cosworth£10m=£10m
    Daniel RicciardoToro Rosso-Ferrari£10m=£10m
    Jean-Eric VergneToro Rosso-Ferrari£10m=£10m
    DriverRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7Race 8Race 9Race 10Total
    Jenson Button1818251218151525018£164m
    Sebastian Vettel252515252501818010£161m
    Fernando Alonso1512181015181210252£137m
    Mark Webber0151215121225121212£127m
    Lewis Hamilton121010186250151515£126m
    Kimi Räikkönen152515112806100£92m
    Nico Rosberg06148860025£58m
    Felipe Massa826801010000£44m
    Michael Schumacher100801060010£35m
    Sergio Pérez01401004180£28m
    Paul di Resta4801024160£26m
    Bruno Senna2000000086£16m
    Nico Hülkenberg0610140020£14m
    Kamui Kobayashi0000012801£12m
    Pedro de la Rosa0000600000£10m*
    Timo Glock0000000000£10m*
    Romain Grosjean0000000008£10m*
    Narain Karthikeyan0000000000£10m*
    Heikki Kovalainen0000000000£10m*
    Pastor Maldonado0000000004£10m*
    Vitaly Petrov0020001000£10m*
    Charles Pic-------000£10m*
    Daniel Ricciardo0000000200£10m*
    Jean-Eric Vergne-------040£10m*
    Values - Chassis
    ChassisCurrent ValueChange since last GPOriginal value
    Red Bull£288m-£21m£322m
    Mercedes GP£93m+£7m£97m
    Force India£46m-£6m£57m
    Toro Rosso£25m-£1m£25m
    ChassisRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7Race 8Race 9Race 10Total
    Red Bull25402740371243301222£288m
    Mercedes GP10694181460125£93m
    Force India412012612180£46m
    Toro Rosso7008400240£25m
    Values - Engines
    EngineCurrent ValueChange since last GPOriginal value
    EngineRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7Race 8Race 9Race 10Total
    Current player selections
    Team NamePrincipalDriver OneDriver TwoReserve DriverChassisEngineCash
    Jack Schitt RacinggethinceriHamiltonRäikkönenKobayashiForce IndiaFerrari£16m
    Skid Mark RacingJohnny CarwashHamiltonRosbergRäikkönenSauberFerrari£9m
    Norfolk EnchanceMCLSVettelHamiltonSennaMercedes GPCosworth£76m
    Scuderia MerdamjoRäikkönenPérezMassaMercedes GPFerrari£10m
    I C Vick TreeChad StewarthillHamiltonRäikkönenHülkenbergWilliamsFerrari£37m
    Husky OwnersMarcHamiltonWebberSennaLotusFerrari£25m
    Belgrave Racingno-FIAt-pleaseHamiltonAlonsoKobayashiLotusFerrari£1m
    Micturation ExtractionRoad of BonesRäikkönenHülkenbergRosbergToro RossoRenault£22m
    zamlatuljko 458zamlatuljkoRäikkönenAlonsoPérezMercedes GPCosworth£145m
    Petrol JunkiesGreenlantern101AlonsoHamiltonKovalainenLotusFerrari£1m
    Rasputin's Greatest Love MachinesRasputinLivesButtonKobayashiGrosjeanWilliamsFerrari£31m
    Look but Never StareKamui-FastestChefInTheWorldKobayashiHülkenbergKovalainenMercedes GPRenault£77m
    Geoff's NutzGeoffPHamiltonMassaGrosjeanMercedes GPFerrari£8m
    Team Midnight SpannersMephistophelesButtonRäikkönenSennaMercedes GPCosworth£129m
    Axle Tramp RacingJos the BossHamiltondi RestaKobayashiMercedes GPFerrari£31m
    White Rose RacingF1YorkshireVettelKobayashiRicciardoForce IndiaFerrari£34m
    Chasz RacingChaszHamiltonRosbergPérezLotusRenault£20m
    Champion Racingjenov2003AlonsoHamiltonPérezLotusFerrari£14m
    Scottish Tap Dancing RacingBoyleHamiltonRosbergKobayashiLotusRenault£13m
    Meercat MysticsracecubHamiltonRosbergSennaLotusRenault£13m
    Team World DominationHammydiRestarulesHamiltonRosbergKobayashiForce IndiaFerrari£64m
    Purple Monster RacingFBRäikkönenPérezRicciardoMercedes GPRenault£0m
    Vortex GPVortexHamiltonRosbergMaldonadoLotusRenault£0m
    The Sly BoogersSlyboogyKobayashiSchumacherMaldonadoLotusMercedes-Benz£20m
    Please anybody but VettelLee AllenHamiltondi RestaKovalainenMercedes GPFerrari£49m
    Taxi Cabssoccerman17WebberPérezVergneMcLarenCosworth£53m
    E's Unlikely Penguin ExperimentJosephiahHamiltonKobayashiSennaLotusRenault£63m
    Excell RacingrogerdMassadi Restade la RosaMercedes GPRenault£17m
    Formerly Tooncheese Lotus RacingtooncheeseHamiltonSchumacherKobayashiLotusRenault£7m
    Mad Monk RacingmadmonkButtonRäikkönenKovalainenWilliamsFerrari£4m
    Ducktin RacingquckathedyslexicduckHamiltonSennaKobayashiLotusRenault£16m
    Albert F1AlbertSchumacherHülkenbergGlockCaterhamMercedes-Benz£8m
    Nitro PoweredHeskinsMassaWebberPetrovForce IndiaFerrari£32m
    Speed Badgerscider_and_toastHamiltonGrosjeandi RestaSauberRenault£21m
    Team SubwayF1ang-oHamiltonGrosjeanSennaMercedes GPFerrari£77m
    Scuderia G-WhizAlbies DogHamiltonRosbergKobayashiLotusRenault£15m
    ARC Team SchrödingerskatzeArc RacingGrosjeanSchumacherRicciardoSauberMercedes-Benz£19m
    The Flying MushroomsAlexMHamiltonSchumacherPérezLotusRenault£14m
    Man CityTylerHamiltonPérezRicciardoMercedes GPFerrari£14m
    JCB Racingjez101HamiltonRosbergKobayashiLotusMercedes-Benz£2m
    Turbo FuryFerociousBRäikkönenRosbergRicciardoSauberRenault£7m
    R&G DragonsHansyRodHamiltonKobayashiSennaLotusMercedes-Benz£12m
    Viscount RacingViscountKobayashiRosbergSennaLotusMercedes-Benz£20m
    X-Ninja RacingExtremeNinjaHamiltonRosbergMaldonadoLotusRenault£13m
    Scuderia BangbusdhudhwalaHamiltonRosbergHülkenbergLotusRenault£2m
    P-one F1PorceliamoneHamiltonRosbergPérezLotusRenault£12m
    Bushido RacingBushiMassaGrosjeandi RestaMercedes GPRenault£17m
    Zonda RacingAbnash24HamiltonWebberSennaLotusFerrari£3m
    F1 Team Backmarkers GPPuhoonRosbergKobayashiMaldonadoLotusRenault£94m
    RegeX RacingMikeHamiltonKobayashiSennaLotusMercedes-Benz£16m
    Missed The ApexBroganHamiltonWebberPérezLotusRenault£1m
    Fizzy Drinks Company 2johnnoble1990HamiltonRosbergKobayashiLotusRenault£13m
    The Umpy LumpersUmpaidhHamiltonGrosjeanSennaForce IndiaRenault£20m
    Fire It UpKekeTheKingHamiltonWebberGrosjeanSauberFerrari£1m
    Percussion EngineeringsobrietyHamiltonSchumacherPérezLotusRenault£14m
    Kalyani F1kalyaniHamiltonHülkenbergKobayashiLotusRenault£41m
    Flying F1nnsSakariHamiltonSchumacherMaldonadoLotusRenault£15m
    Transfers Log - Bahrain
    TypeTeam NameTeam PrincipalDate/TimeChangeOldNewOld BalanceNew Balance
    Transfer (1)Speed Badgerscider_and_toastMon 16 Apr 23:07Driver OneAlonso (£137m)Hamilton (£126m)£10m£21m
    Transfer (1)Turbo FuryFerociousBTue 17 Apr 09:10ChassisForce India (£46m)Sauber (£40m)£1m£7m
    Transfer (2)F1 Team Backmarkers GPPuhoonTue 17 Apr 13:20Driver TwoHülkenberg (£14m)Kobayashi (£12m)£92m£94m
    Transfer (1)τβψteabagyokelTue 17 Apr 14:29Driver TwoWebber (£127m)Rosberg (£58m)£12m£81m
    Transfer (2)τβψteabagyokelTue 17 Apr 14:29Reserve DriverPérez (£28m)Kobayashi (£12m)£81m£97m
    Transfer (4)Formerly Tooncheese Lotus RacingtooncheeseTue 17 Apr 17:20Driver TwoWebber (£127m)Schumacher (£35m)£4m£96m
    Transfer (5)Formerly Tooncheese Lotus RacingtooncheeseTue 17 Apr 17:20EngineFerrari (£246m)Renault (£335m)£96m£7m
    SwapSkid Mark RacingJohnny CarwashTue 17 Apr 17:37Driver TwoRäikkönenRosberg£9m£9m
    SwapScuderia MerdamjoTue 17 Apr 18:22Driver TwoMassaPérez£28m£28m
    ActivateScuderia MerdamjoTue 17 Apr 18:22Reserve DriverMassa£28m£10m
    Transfer (2)Rasputin's Greatest Love MachinesRasputinLivesWed 18 Apr 11:32Reserve DriverVergne (£10m)Grosjean (£10m)£45m£45m
    Transfer (3)Rasputin's Greatest Love MachinesRasputinLivesWed 18 Apr 11:32ChassisLotus (£29m)Williams (£25m)£45m£49m
    ActivateRasputin's Greatest Love MachinesRasputinLivesWed 18 Apr 11:32Reserve DriverGrosjean£49m£31m
    Transfer (2)Ramilas1-FF1ramilas1Wed 18 Apr 11:56Driver OneHamilton (£126m)Webber (£127m)£51m£50m
    Transfer (3)Ramilas1-FF1ramilas1Wed 18 Apr 11:56Reserve DriverVergne (£10m)Rosberg (£58m)£50m£2m
    SwapRamilas1-FF1ramilas1Wed 18 Apr 11:56Driver TwoPérezRosberg£2m£2m
    SwapDucktin RacingquckathedyslexicduckWed 18 Apr 13:55Driver TwoKobayashiSenna£34m£34m
    ActivateDucktin RacingquckathedyslexicduckWed 18 Apr 13:55Reserve DriverKobayashi£34m£16m
    Transfer (4)The Sly BoogersSlyboogyWed 18 Apr 20:40Driver OneHamilton (£126m)Kobayashi (£12m)£0m£114m
    Transfer (5)The Sly BoogersSlyboogyWed 18 Apr 20:40Reserve DriverVergne (£10m)Maldonado (£10m)£114m£114m
    Transfer (6)The Sly BoogersSlyboogyWed 18 Apr 20:40EngineRenault (£335m)Mercedes-Benz (£429m)£114m£20m
    Transfer (4)Vortex GPVortexWed 18 Apr 21:25Driver TwoPérez (£28m)Rosberg (£58m)£113m£83m
    Transfer (5)Vortex GPVortexWed 18 Apr 21:25Reserve DriverSenna (£16m)Maldonado (£10m)£83m£89m
    Transfer (6)Vortex GPVortexWed 18 Apr 21:25EngineFerrari (£246m)Renault (£335m)£89m£0m
    Transfer (1)Norfolk EnchanceMCLSWed 18 Apr 22:42ChassisFerrari (£181m)Mercedes GP (£93m)£22m£110m
    Transfer (2)Norfolk EnchanceMCLSWed 18 Apr 22:42Driver OneWebber (£127m)Vettel (£161m)£110m£76m
    Transfer (2)E's Unlikely Penguin ExperimentJosephiahWed 18 Apr 23:01Reserve DriverRicciardo (£10m)Senna (£16m)£69m£63m
    Transfer (5)R&G DragonsHansyRodThu 18 Apr 13:19Reserve Driverdi Resta (£26m)Senna (£16m)£2m£12m
    Transfer (5)Missed The ApexBroganThu 18 Apr 14:10EngineMercedes-Benz (£429m)Renault (£335m)£18m£112m
    Transfer (6)Missed The ApexBroganThu 18 Apr 14:10Driver TwoSenna (£16m)Webber (£127m)£112m£1m
    Transfer (4)Fire It UpKekeTheKingThu 18 Apr 15:51Reserve DriverSenna (£16m)Webber (£127m)£112m£1m
    SwapFire It UpKekeTheKingThu 18 Apr 15:51Driver TwoGrosjeanWebber£1m£1m
    Transfer (5)Man CityTylerThu 18 Apr 18:53ChassisFerrari (£181m)Mercedes GP (£93m)£26m£114m
    Transfer (6)Man CityTylerThu 18 Apr 18:53Driver Onedi Resta (£26m)Hamilton (£126m)£114m£14m
    Transfer (4)SummertimeGreenmanThu 18 Apr 21:29Driver Twodi Resta (£26m)Webber (£127m)£116m£15m
    Transfer (1)Viscount RacingViscountThu 18 Apr 22:22Driver OneHamilton (£126m)Kobayashi (£12m)£2m£116m
    Transfer (2)Viscount RacingViscountThu 18 Apr 22:22Reserve DriverHülkenberg (£14m)Senna (£16m)£116m£114m
    Transfer (3)Viscount RacingViscountThu 18 Apr 22:22EngineRenault (£335m)Mercedes-Benz (£429m)£114m£20m
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  3. cider_and_toast

    cider_and_toast Everything in moderation Staff Member Premium Contributor

    Featured Threads:
    Right, time for a shake up. Can I sell Fernando and buy me a Lewis. (Now watch the red cart horse find a second and the Mac C's have an off weekend!)
    Thanks G.
  4. Abnash24

    Abnash24 Points Scorer

    Hamilton, Bought for 118
    Webber, Bought for 134
    Senna, Bought for 10
    Lotus, Bought for 25
    Ferrari, Bought for 246
    The total of all that is 533
    Leftover=12 million
    Can you check and see if that's correct
  5. FerociousB

    FerociousB Test Driver

    Sell Force India for 46 million, buy Sauber for 40 million. Leaves me with 7 mill cash. Thanks
  6. Jos the Boss

    Jos the Boss Champion Elect

    I'm going to go risky, but sell Di Resta (£26m) and buy Senna(don't kill me TBY!) (£16m) which leaves me with £47m unless I'm very much mistaken
  7. Puhoon

    Puhoon Points Scorer

    Fantasy F1 Profile:
    FF1 Profile
    Driver change: Hülkenberg to Kobayashi
  8. teabagyokel

    teabagyokel #dejavu Valued Member

    Featured Threads:
    I would like to sell Mark Webber and bring in Nico Rosberg.
    And also to sell Sergio Perez and bring in Kamui Kobayashi.
  9. tooncheese

    tooncheese Hans Heyer Contributor

    Webber & Ferrari
    Schumacher & Renault
  10. Johnny Carwash

    Johnny Carwash Champion Elect Contributor

    Can i Promote Rosberg and have Raikkonen as my Reserve driver.
  11. mjo

    mjo Procrastinating Contributor

    Featured Threads:
    Fantasy F1 Profile:
    FF1 Profile
    Fantasy F1 Team-mate:
    FF1 Team-mate
    Can I swap Massa and Perez please, and then activate my reserve (Massa).
  12. Jos the Boss

    Jos the Boss Champion Elect

    Ignore me! I didn't think this through... But if I change back Senna will have an almighty race! let me just check what they're thinking!
  13. Mephistopheles

    Mephistopheles Banned Contributor

    I'm languishing at the bottom of the table and bringing FB down with me but I'm gonna leave any transfer decisions until after the fly away races....:(

    How very pragmatic of me..
    jenov2003 likes this.
  14. RasputinLives

    RasputinLives I was never cool at school. Contributor

    Featured Threads:
    Ok. Here we go.

    Throwing in Jules Vergne and bringing in Romain 'Chicken' Grosjean

    Throwing away my Lotus chassie and grabbing on to the Williams(which makes me unique I think) one

    Oh and activating my thrid driver yet again!

    That should leave me with 31m if my maths are correct.
  15. ramilas1

    ramilas1 Podium Finisher

    Fantasy F1 Profile:
    FF1 Profile
    Fantasy F1 Team-mate:
    FF1 Team-mate
    Hamilton (126) OUT, Webber (127) IN ... cost 1
    Perez STAY but demoted to Reserve
    Vergne (10) OUT, Rosberg (58) IN as 2nd driver ... cost 48
    Lotus STAY
    Renault STAY
    Cash 51 -1 -48 =3 ...... so no activating this week. >:(
  16. Galahad

    Galahad Not a Moderator Valued Member

    Featured Threads:
    It isn't, because the values change over time.

    You started with:
    Hamilton £118m
    Rosberg £49m
    Hulkenberg £21m
    Lotus £25m
    Renault £330m
    Leftover: £2m

    You then made 3 transfers after the Malaysian GP:
    Sold Renault engine for £340m, bought Ferrari engine for £259m (+81)
    Sold Rosberg for £41m, bought Webber for £133m (-92)
    Sold Hulkenberg for £22m, bought Senna for £10m (+12)
    This was a net gain of +£1m, leaving you with £3m spare cash.

    The current values are at the top of this thread, including how much they have changed since the last race. What matters is what your team is worth now, not what you paid for it originally.
  17. Abnash24

    Abnash24 Points Scorer

    OK Thanks you very much :)
  18. quckathedyslexicduck

    quckathedyslexicduck Rookie Supporter

    can i swapsie bruno for kamui and activate the latter for the next race please? Fanksverymuch!
  19. Jos the Boss

    Jos the Boss Champion Elect

    Ok ignore my transfers, I have come to my senses so keep Di Resta!
  20. Galahad

    Galahad Not a Moderator Valued Member

    Featured Threads:
    Fine, but please try not to post before you make your mind up next time?
    jenov2003 and Jos the Boss like this.
  21. Jos the Boss

    Jos the Boss Champion Elect

    Sorry! :embarrassed: I shall, I just rushed into replacing di Resta because of no points! Then i realised Senna didn't really cover himself in glory either
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