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Discussion in 'Apex Lounge' started by F1Brits_90, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. F1Brits_90

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    thought i start this. as its a thing that majority have either done or plan to do. either here or somewhere else in world as i know we have some global members. i was hoping to get everyone's expierence who had passed & maybe help ish those planning. i had my practical driving test & i passed :1st: (9 faults). now obviously im happy but mix of joy but slight relief mainly i never have to do that again:sick:. but i dont have jumping for joy thats others seem to have in stereotypical photo. as l know ive a bit to go & its not like you jump out, think yes ive passed that. im the complete driver

    because i still know the stupid mistakes i made. like shouldve done this, shouldve done that. why did i do that. i was far too overcautious on the test, which probally counted against me, risks i wouldve taken on lesson. but didnt on the test i thought safe than sorry. so its delighted i passed but i know im still "learning". Bit 2014 nico v Lewis getting pole in abu dhabi. but still have to win the grand prix for championship or like for my football team last season Sheffield United getting promotion with few games to spare, but still had work to do if they wanted to be champions
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  3. Titch

    Titch Champion Elect Premium Contributor

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    Experience comes with time.

    So...... you passed your test. Congratulations. Just remember that doesn’t make you Hamilton.

    The best advice I ever had was to imagine what might be around the next bend, and be prepared. In other words, concentrate, at all times.
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  4. Greenlantern101

    Greenlantern101 Super Hero And All Round Good Guy Contributor

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    Best advice is to assume every other driver on the road is an idiot. They normally are.
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  5. Andyoak

    Andyoak Race Winner

    Driving test wasn't too bad... But my bike test :D

    Fell asleep and fell off first time; before I even got to the test centre!!!
  6. gethinceri

    gethinceri Daniil Kvyat Fan. Alfa Romeo Fan. Contributor

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    Interesting, I fell asleep after my motorcycle test in the grass outside the test centre.
    I was having a lovely little snooze in the sun when a lady came and woke me up thinking I'd had an accident on my bike, which was parked up on its side-stand beside me.

    I failed my car test first time, then I joined the army and passed. The examiner at the second test said after handing me the certificate that my job was a contributing factor in his decision.

    I didn't do a bicycle test, I dread to think how many attempts that would have taken.
  7. Olivier

    Olivier Race Winner

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    2 words: Defensive Driving.

    Ok, a little more advise; Obey the traffic signs. Sounds like a given but many people don't take them seriously
  8. Rutherford

    Rutherford Podium Finisher

    I nearly ran a red traffic light during my practical exam, because I thought I'd make it across in time. My driving instructor later told me I was lucky, because the light was 'dark orange' and the examiner was busy doing something on the laptop, I think he was preparing for the next learner.
  9. vintly

    vintly Mostly bacon Premium Contributor

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    Top tip: when driving home drunk from the pub late at night, turn your lights off and drive home as fast as possible to avoid the police.
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  10. Titch

    Titch Champion Elect Premium Contributor

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    Even topper tip: Don’t drink and drive.
  11. F1Brits_90

    F1Brits_90 Race Winner

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    Titch it took me around 18months & if you include all tests around 150hrs. for the 1st 9/12 months I thought how do people drink & drive or use the phone. as I found it hard enough sober & concentrating. that's just remember whats left & right LOL
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  12. Road of Bones

    Road of Bones MTC Mole Premium Contributor

    Oh dear- the roads of Sheffield are just a little bit less safe...;)

    (Well done F1Brits_90 :thumbsup:)
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