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Discussion in 'Statistics & Analysis' started by erinha, Aug 10, 2015.

  1. erinha

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    I am curious about a couple of different stats, but don't have the answers. So I'd like to ask some questions.

    1. What is the longest streak for a national anthem? It can be for either driver or constructor. For example, German anthem has been repeated for all podium ceremonies this year, even if Mercedes was off-podium in Hungary, Vettel won the race.

    2. Which drivers shared most podiums with each other? Both for a pair of drivers (like Alonso-Hamilton), and for a trio (like Alonso-Hamilton-Raikkonen etc).

    3. Which drivers shared most front row grid positions with each other? i.e. qualified 1-2, like Vettel-Hamilton.
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    1. No idea.
    2. I don't think it's complete, but this thread looks into that.
    3. No idea.
  4. Spinodontosaurus

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    In recent times the German anthem has had two big streaks; 20 races from Monaco 2013 - Monaco 2014, and a currently active streak of 17 races from Italy 2014 - Hungary 2015.
    Looking slightly further back in time there was a 37 race streak from Austria 1985 - Mexico 1987 where the British National Anthem was played, with the wins mainly taken by Williams and McLaren, with a few for Lotus and a single one for the Enstone-based Benetton team (which is what the current Lotus team used to be).
    There was an even bigger 58 race streak from Japan 1990 - Britain 1994 where the British anthem would have been played, once again mostly thanks to Williams and McLaren with a few wins for Benetton too.

    Given that there were fewer races per season the further back in time we go, and the lower levels of reliability (and more fatalities) I have a feeling that 58 race streak is one of the longest, if not the longest. The current 17 race German streak would need to continue for 41 races just to equal it - that's mid way into the 2017 season! Given Mercedes' (and Vettel's) current form that unlikely goal might actually be doable... I certainly hope not.
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  5. erinha

    erinha Test Driver

    LOL I can't imagine Mercedes or Vettel winning every race from now on well into the 2017. But, considering the fact that they are thinking about postponing the reg changes until 2018, more of what we've seen so far in 2015, it may not be impossible. But, another Ferrari driver or Red Bull/Williams... driver other than Hulkenberg winning would cut it short.
  6. Zvonimir

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    Isn't it boring to have just one driver to win multiple races? This means there's not much of a competition!

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