CTAs Most Underrated F1 driver of all time: Nominations

Discussion in 'Formula One Discussion' started by RasputinLives, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. Dartman

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    No, I'm not, but I have lost interest now, life's far too short.:goodday:
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  3. Van De Poole is not my first choice, the order is random, but Van De Poole did very well in other series and has always been very well considered

    There's other drivers that I should have added to that list like Bruno Senna or Sebastian Bourdais, I also believe that guys like Stephane Sarazin are quite underrated, or Pier Luigi Martini and Riccardo Patrese
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    Eric VdP always had a very nice line in head wear. Not quite as snazzy as Arturo Merzario though.
  5. RasputinLives

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    Confused by this if I'm honest Dartman. I wasn't being rude just debating an F1 point on an F1 forum. Wasn't like i got personal.
  6. Dartman

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    RasputinLives sorry wasn't being rude, just that either we have a different understanding of Buttons wins, or you don't understand what I think and we were just going round in circles, nothing is worse on a forum in that two people are continually discussing the same point, best to agree to disagree and pull out:)
  7. sobriety

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    Which is why Button is in with a shout at the CTA most underrated driver award, a WDC who was paired with, and often beat some of the most highly rated drivers of his era. Then post F1, won the Japanese Super GT Championship for Honda, and is looking pretty handy at Endurance racing.

    Yet people still say "nah, he wasn't that great"
  8. Il_leone

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    Button is very much underrated if you 've seen some of the posts between 2004-2008 when Hamilton came onto the scene and from being written as finished to world champion will always go down as one of the most remarkable stories in F1

    He cemented further by taking on Hamilton and actually beating him..he's also beaten Alonso ..you go around the paddock and mention Button's name he is respected that says it all
  9. gethinceri

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    I quite rate him.
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