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CTA Race Of The Year 2017

Discussion in 'Formula One Discussion' started by Greenlantern101, May 4, 2017.

  1. cider_and_toast

    cider_and_toast Everything in moderation Staff Member Premium Contributor

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    So far then, we have one classic, one well above average, 7 above average, 2 average and 4 below average races.

    Sounds like a normal season.
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  3. Greenlantern101

    Greenlantern101 Super Hero And All Round Good Guy Contributor

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    It's how poor the bottom 5 are rated that is telling about the new 2017 cars.

    This is the bottom 5 ratings from last year.

    2016 bottom 5

    Hungary 4.73
    Sochi 4.629
    USA 4.625
    Italy 4.31
    Azerbaijan 4.17

    2017 bottom 5

    Hungarian 5.36
    Spanish 3.58
    Austria 3.40
    Monaco 3.22
    Russian 3.06
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  4. teabagyokel

    teabagyokel #dejavu Valued Member

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    Don't forget that the results for a dull race are surely negatively correlated with expectations. In other words, a dull race following a good race [Austria, Russia] will score worse. Admittedly Spain and Monaco followed Russia but then again they're always shit.

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