Brilliant job by SpaceX

Discussion in 'Science, Technology & Space' started by cider_and_toast, Feb 7, 2018.

  1. cider_and_toast

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    For those who haven seen it yet, this is a video of SpaceX's Falcon Heavy launch.

    The best bit is the incredible synchronised booster landing towards the end of the launch.

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  3. cousinDave

    cousinDave Points Scorer

    So, have I got this right? He got rid of his old car on the top of that thing? Rather expensive way to get rid of his old junk. Chap must have money to burn!
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  4. vintly

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    Ever the showman, Musk included his old Tesla Roadster as test payload, with a dummy driver and Bowie's Space Oddity playing on loop. It'll eventually go into orbit around the sun for millions of years and be the fastest car in the universe for ever. He knows how to keep amused so it seems, and why not?

    Even though the third booster maybe failed to land on the sea barge pod thing, it's still an incredible achievement. Shows how a visionary with money can drive the future of space exploration, and potentially the future of mankind. I think its phenomenal.
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  5. Titch

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    It is a pity though that the third booster bombed. However it’s a brilliant bit of work.

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