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Discussion in 'Quizzes' started by cider_and_toast, Nov 1, 2016.

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    And so for our next race quiz, here's some questions on all things Brazil.

    1. The Interlagos circuit carries the name of Carlos Pace but which driver gave his name to the Rio circuit that now forms part of the Olympic park?

    Nelson Piquet

    2. Which driver wrote this about Ayrton Senna "He taught me a lot about our sport, I taught him how to laugh"?

    Gerhard Berger in the introduction to Senna's biography

    3. Emerson Fittipaldi scored two podiums out of a total of three driving for the family team. Which driver scored the other?

    Keke Rosberg for 3rd place at the 1980 Argentine GP

    4. Who completed their race debut at the 1994 Brazilian Grand Prix after being pushed off the track by Irvine and somersaulting the car over Martin Brundle?

    Jos Verstappen

    5. Who won the 2003 Brazilian GP in the pits on fire?

    Giancarlo Fisichella

    6. In terms of number of top six finishes place these 3 second generation Brazilian drivers in the correct order from highest to lowest:

    Nelson Piquet Jnr - Bruno Senna - Christian Fittipaldi

    Highest - Christian Fittipaldi - 5 top six finishes
    Next - Nelson Piquet Jnr - 3 top six finishes
    Last - Bruno Senna - 1 top six finish

    7. While there was a thrilling race at the sharp end of the grid in 2008, which British driver marked his final race with a retirement as a result of suspension damage sustained in a collision?

    David Coulthard

    8. The current Interlagos circuit has 15 turns how many fewer is this than the original layout last seen in 1989?

    The original layout has 26 turns therefore the modern track has 11 fewer. Please reward yourself with half a point for one over or under.

    9. Here's an interesting fact, every Brazilian driver who finished on the podium at least once went on to win races with the exception of three drivers. One of those was Nelson Piquet JR but who were the other two?

    Mauricio Gugelmin and Roberto Moreno

    10. Starting in 1995, with two Brazilian drivers behind the wheel, which short lived team were the last to make their debut at a Brazilian GP?

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  3. gethinceri

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    A ticklish quiz, thank you.
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  4. Olivier

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    3 which is good for my average
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  5. Jos the Boss

    Jos the Boss Champion Elect

    4, maybe 4.33333333333333333 if you're giving decimals, if not, 4
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  6. teabagyokel

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  7. Road of Bones

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    I thought I was doing well with 5...until I saw teabagyokel 's score:disappointed:
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    I was going to come on all smart-arsish by saying six in portuguese until I remembered I don't know how you spell six in portuguese.
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