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Discussion in 'Drivers' started by RayInTorontoCanada, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. Kewee

    Kewee Race Winner

    I said there were numerous reasons and the reason I used the word significance was due to the global impact his death had. Because his accident occurred during a Grand Prix it was the first time a World Champions death was witnessed live all around the world and due to his immense popularity in Brazil, the following three days played out on our television screens right through to his State Funeral and burial in Sao Paulo.
    I certainly wasn't suggesting his death was any more tragic than any other persons, but due to the impact his death had on the people of Brazil and on others all over the world, including many who weren't even interested in motor racing, every aspect related to the loss of Senna had added significance. It was stated at the time that the only time in the 20th century there had been a greater showing of public grief was at Gandhi's funeral.
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  3. Mephistopheles

    Mephistopheles Banned Contributor

    I must be a bit weird then because I can't grieve for someone I never knew I may feel a bit sorry for them but grieve no chance and I certainly can't do it twenty odd years later.

    And as for Gandhi I don't even know when he died..
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  4. Kewee

    Kewee Race Winner

  5. Mephistopheles

    Mephistopheles Banned Contributor

    Before my time..
  6. Kewee

    Kewee Race Winner

    One year before I was born so just before my time also. Love the country and its people so I'm interested in its history. If you haven't seen the movie 'Gandhi' you should, it's one of the truly great films. Directed by another great man, Richard Attenborough and starring Ben Kingsley. A must see. I'm assuming you haven't seen it due to your previous posting when you said you didn't know when Gandhi died.
  7. Mephistopheles

    Mephistopheles Banned Contributor

    No I haven't seen it I watch films for entertainment If I want information then I will watch a documentary, this is because films that proclaim to tell a true story are only a parody of the truth, they even tell you this before you start watching they say, based on a true story, the operative word being based, this is because they manipulate the facts and embellish the truth to make it more interesting for the viewer.

    The Senna film was shit and Rush bared naff all reality to the truth as to what really happened.

    Nope films for entertainment and documentaries for information.

    Plus I have zero interest in history...
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  8. Kewee

    Kewee Race Winner

    Never mind, your choice. To me two of the greatest movies ever made both had British directors, 'Gandhi' and 'Lawrence of Arabia', but then I love history. A point worth noting Mephistopheles , a countries history defines its people, which is what makes the past so relevant. The past tells us more than we can imagine which is why it's so important to the present.
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  9. Mephistopheles

    Mephistopheles Banned Contributor

    If that's the case then we haven't learnt much have we?
  10. Kewee

    Kewee Race Winner

    No we haven't, or some haven't. A good reason not to ignore history, everyone should try to learn from it. Some might, which would help the world, even if it's just a little step towards a better life for some.
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  11. Mephistopheles

    Mephistopheles Banned Contributor

    If people haven't got common decency in the first place then they are going to learn naff all from history..
  12. Kewee

    Kewee Race Winner

    Your absolutely right. All the more reason for those that care to keep trying to make up for those that don't. All decent people can do is hope when they leave this planet they will have made a difference in peoples lives, especially those that need help.
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  13. teabagyokel

    teabagyokel #dejavu Valued Member

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    Senna - complex man. Was he the quickest ever? Possibly. Was he the best ever? Well, his pole/win ratio is poor. So I'd suggest not.

    His legacy is that it's now safer to be as aggressive as he was.
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  14. Mephistopheles

    Mephistopheles Banned Contributor

    Jim Clark only ever came second once in his F1 career in a straight fight all the other times he either won or he had mechanical problems that prevented him from winning, so I reckon he is the greatest ever and would piss all over Senna..
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  15. The Artist.....

    The Artist..... Champion Elect

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    Mephistopheles - let's not get into another who's better than who? After all, different eras and all! Senna was certainly one of the greats, albeit with a ruthless streak that hadn't been seen before in F1, buts has since been replicated by Schumacher, Hamilton, Vettel, Maldonado etc...

    How would Senna stack up against Clark? Sadly we'll never know! Clark was naturally quick in all the cars he raced, but so was Senna, but by the 1980s, drivers were not allowed to race in other series)- for example Mansell was given a pay rise by Colin Chapman for him NOT to race Le Mans!
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  16. Jen

    Jen Here be dragons. Contributor

    I was not a great fan of Senna, but was devastated to watch him die on track.

    I finally watched "Senna" the movie this weekend and found him to be an absolutely fascinating and charismatic individual. He drove in a time when racing was allowed, more or less, and all drivers took chances to win. He may not have been the 'cleanest' of racers - and there have been much worse since - but he certainly did his best to fulfil what he thought his destiny was.

    I have huge respect for someone that focused, yet still capable of extraordinary humanity.
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  17. FB

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    Senna only ever set 19 fastest laps, hie might have been mighty at getting pole but his race craft wasn't as good as some others.
  18. Mephistopheles

    Mephistopheles Banned Contributor

    He was a bully on track he even made sure that everyone knew that you either got out of his way or you crashed.
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  19. siffert_fan

    siffert_fan Too old to watch the Asian races live. Contributor

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    IMO, if Senna had raced n the Clark era, he would, at best, have been rated as an " also ran".
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  20. Olivier

    Olivier Race Winner

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    Senna's record in wet conditions is much better than his overall statistics. I don't have the actual stats with me but I think he won 65% of all the wet races he raced in. Now, that's an impresive stat He has a comparatively low number of fastest laps but I think he didn't need to go that fast as he would usually take advantage of his pole position to build an insurmountable gap, unless he'd run into trouble. By the end of his career his race craft had improved and he was converting pole positions into wins at a higher rate. Unfortunately, 94 presented the added challenge of Schumacher that would make him test his limits beyond what was physically possible with the Williams
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  21. Jen

    Jen Here be dragons. Contributor

    Dear chaps, I was commenting on his humanity more than his race craft or stats. There is always a human within a racer and that should be recognised!
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