All time worst teams

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  1. MCLS

    MCLS Anti F1 fan Valued Member

    May as well carry on the recuring theme at the moment :D

    Fernando Alonso
    Juan Pablo Montoya

    You may think it's confusing putting a double world champion in a worst team, but the 2007 season provides enough evidence to support this theory, and Montoya's one and a half years were fraught with injuries (tennis anyone) and squabbles with Ron Dennis which ended after the American Grand Prix after crashing into his team mate.

    Nigel Mansell
    Luca Badoer

    Luca Badoers two races for Ferrari in 2009 must go down as two of the most awful races by any driver, particularly in the modern era, he was a long way off Raikkonen in both and in both races was languishing around at the back of the grid while his team mate was fighting for wins and podiums. As for Mansell, his 2 years were less than succesful with 'inferiority complex' issues in 1990 with Prost when he was told that his car had been switched with Prosts at times because Prost thought that Mansells was better

    Alex Zanardi
    Kuzuki Nakajima

    Zanardi's only year at Williams was to be frank, abysmal, plagued by poor pace and reliability issues he rarely troubled the scorers and was unsurprisingly dropped for the young Jenson Button in 2000. Nakajima had promise but never delivered on it, his first race he crashed into his pit box and by 2009 he was being clearly outperformed by Rosberg and was replaced by Barrichello who is the reserve driver for this worst team.

    Nelson Piquet Jr
    Roman Grosjean

    Ironically these are both the number 2 drivers from the disastrous 2009 campaign, Piquet was unpopular almost early on and apart from Germany where he nearly won, was hammered in the year and half at the team, and we all know why he is (im)famous after crashgate at Singapore in 2008. Grosjean is unlucky to be here in fairness but was as bad as Piquet when he was there and posed no trouble for Alonso, but he should be back and not on this list

    Jaques Villeuneve
    Karl Wendlinger

    It was clear pretty early on that Villeuneve signing for Sauber was a mistake and was under pressure almost imeddiately as he was the slowest of the Michelin runners after the opening races, a burst of pace later in the year only relieved the pressure temporairaly and after a poor 2006 season he was dropped after crashing at the German Grand Prix to be replaced by rookie Robert Kubica. Karl Wendlinger was a victim of circumstance really, his crash at Monaco in 1994 bore strong similarities to Perez's crash earlier this year and his performances after this were dissapointing and was dropped (twice) in 1995.

    Alex Yoong
    Patrick Friesacher

    Yoong spent the year either racing last or not racing at all because he wasn't anywhere near the 107% time, his only highlight was seventh at the Australian GP when very few cars finished. He was replaced by Davidson for 2 races and was eventually dropped at the end of the season. Friesacher only lasted half a year in 2005, while he did score 3 points that year, they were as a result of the farce that was the USGP where only 6 cars raced due to tyre problems on the Michilen cars. He was dropped due to financial problems

    Gergio Pantano
    Takuma Sato

    Both these one year 'wonder's showed glimpses but never the real deal, Sato was very raw, capable of lightning speed but crashed too often and was inconcistent so was sent to BAR the next year. Pantano spent all year at the back and not impressing anyone, his replacement Timo Glock at Canada scored points and he was eventually dropped after the Italian GP after 3 straight DNF's

    Stewart/Jaguar/Red Bull
    Antonio Pizzonia
    Jan Magnussen

    1 point in 2 years at Stewart sums up Magnussens spell at the team, despite being labelled as the best prospect since Senna, his faliure was embarrasing. He had more DNF's than finishes and was rarely in the top 10 when he finished and was eventually replaced by Verstappen. Pizzonia didn't even last a year at Jaguar in 2003 after failing to finish any higher than 9th he was dropped after the British Grand Prix.

    Unfortunately my knowledge of older F1 teams is rather erm..... blank :oops: So there are inevitably a lot of gaps that I have missed..
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  3. mjo

    mjo Procrastinating Contributor

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    FF1 Team-mate
    Toranosuke Takagi
    Ricardo Rosset
    (I know this was a real partnership, but it was still rubbish)
  4. Galahad

    Galahad Not a Moderator Valued Member

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    Andrea de Cesaris
    Michael Andretti

    Say no more...
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  5. Johnny Carwash

    Johnny Carwash Champion Elect Contributor

    Andrea Montermini.
    Jean-Denis Deletraz.
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  6. sushifiesta

    sushifiesta Champion Elect Contributor

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    Aww you can't put Sato on the list... well I guess I don't remember his Jordan days but at BAR he was great value for money for entertainment. I guess I should suggest an alternative so how about Karthikeyan?
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  7. The Artist.....

    The Artist..... Champion Elect

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    I'm sorry, but I'm not going to let you get away with listing Mansell in your Ferrari "worst team"....

    What about Capelli? Fisichella? Johannsen? even Alesi has a worse record at Ferrari than Mansell...

    I'd suggest that for Williams you should look no further than Jean Louis Schlesser (Albeit only for the one race!)....

    And Galahad... do you really think that Andretti was worse than, say, Phillippe Alliot in 1994?
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  8. Cookinflatsix

    Cookinflatsix Banned

    Definitely a little harsh for Sato. He cannot have been the worst. He was spirited and in time could have become more like Koba than Nakajima

    That McLaren team would make 2007 look like a 60s love in, imagine Alonso blocking JPMs quali run
  9. TN23

    TN23 Rookie

    1. Luca Badoer (2009)
    2. Ivan Capelli (1992)

    1. Nigel Mansell (1995)
    2. Stephen South (1980)

    1. Jean-Louis Schlesser (1988)
    2. Kazuki Nakajima (2007-09)

    1. Philippe Adams (1994)
    2. Michael Bartels (1991)

    1. Ricardo Zunino (1979-80)
    2. Giovanna Amati (1992)

    1. Francois Hesnault (Renault 1985)
    2. Pierluigi Martini (Toleman 1984)

    1. Gaston Mazzacane (2001)
    2. Raul Boesel (1983)

    1. Emanuele Naspetti (1993)
    2. Giorgio Pantano (2004)

    1. Paolo Barilla (1989-90)
    2. Giovanni Lavaggi (1996)

    1. Norberto Fontana (1997)
    2. Jacques Villeneuve (2005-06)

    1. Jan Magnussen (1997-98)
    2. Luciano Burti (2000-01)

    1. Siegfried Stohr (1981)
    2. Enrique Bernoldi (2001-02)

    1. Ricardo Rosset (1998)
    2. Slim Borgudd (1982)

    1. Sakon Yamamoto (2010)
    2. Narain Karthikeyan (2011)

    1. Jean-Denis Deletraz (1995)
    2. Paul Belmondo (1994)

    1. Toshio Suzuki (1993)
    2. Olivier Beretta (1994)

    1. Pedro Diniz (1995)
    2. Andrea Montermini (1996)

    1. Jean-Marc Gounon (1994)
    2. Taki Inoue (1994)

    LOLA (1985-86, 1993 and 1997)
    1. Alan Jones (1985-86)
    2. Michele Alboreto (1993)

    1. Enrico Bertaggia (1989, 1992)
    2. Pedro Chaves (1991)

    1. Claudio Langes (1990)
    2. Oscar Larrauri (1988, 1989)

    1. Giorgio Francia (1981)
    2. Allen Berg (1986)

    1. Roberto Guerrero (1982)
    2. Tiff Needell (YES, off of Fifth Gear!) (1980)

    1. Volker Weidler (1989)
    2. Gregor Foitek (1989)

    1. Gary Brabham (1990)

    1. Michael Bleekemolen (1978)
    2. Jan Lammers (1980, 1981)
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  10. Il_leone

    Il_leone Champion Elect

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    Mansell in Ferrari - I disagree the tifosi loved him and named him "Il Leone" because he was probably the nearest to Gilles Villeneuve in terms of a racer. Prost was definitely the No 1 in 1990 by political manouvering

    Pantano actually was sponsoring Heidfeld's drive by bring Jordan £1m a race but it was coming from his family and he lost out on the Jaguar drive because Klein had £10m of Red Bull money
  11. Il_leone

    Il_leone Champion Elect

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    Stewart/Jaguar/Red Bull
    Burti - remember him was sacked and forced into Prost after being on a deal of being paid by the team and sponsors
    Klein - reason is because he was backed and then sacked by Red Bull despite being given his chances

    Pizzonia - to be fair was forced out by Ford wanting a British driver and Webber's bullying
    Bouillion - F3000 champ and Williams tester thrashed by Frentzen
    Fontana - anonymous in 1997

    Villeneuve - supposedly his team. a complete jirk to his engineers and they were glad he left after costing £50m flushed down the loo. Rubbished Button;s credentials I guess he must be wondering not to open his mouth like he did

    Barrichello - simply for scoring nil points in 2007

    Pirro - Briatore's decison to have him replace Herbert in 1989
    Piquet Jr - Briatore's man management to ensure he was not a threat to Alonso was clear to see

    Mansell for being too fat
    De Cesaris for earning the name De Crasharis although Alonso probably cost ROn a lot more money for his troubles

    K Nakajima - for the sake of free engines
    Zanardi - zero points and using steel brakes a backward step in F1
  12. Slyboogy

    Slyboogy World Champion Contributor

    Hispania racing team

    1. Sakon Yamamoto

    2. Narain karthikeyan

    Super Aguri

    1. Yuji ide (doesnt need a team mate

    2. Frank motagny

    Toro Rosso

    1. Scott Speed
    2. I would put Bourdais in but that is just too harsh

    Edit: someone beat me to the HRT one :(
  13. Galahad

    Galahad Not a Moderator Valued Member

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    Alliot was 41 years old, making a one-off drive as a stand in with no prospect of getting any more. To be well within a second of Brundle wasn't too terrible.

    Andretti was 30, supposedly embarking on a whole new career in F1, and shouldn't have had any problems with motivation. So I stand by my choice.
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  14. RasputinLives

    RasputinLives Happy to be me again Contributor

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    You can't have Nigel in at Ferrari's worst team! He won his first ever GP with them in a car that could barely make it down the pitlane! He won the Hungarian GP from 14th!

    Even in 1990 he had some awesome races - anyone remember him going round the outside of Berger at Mexico?
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  15. cider_and_toast

    cider_and_toast Exulted Lord High Moderator of the Apex Staff Member Premium Contributor

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    That's a bit harsh.

    Taken from Wiki:

    No one could have driven that car.
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  16. TN23

    TN23 Rookie

    Sorry, when I wrote 'Lola' it seemed to think I was writing 'Lol-a'- My post looks pretty silly.

    I know that the car was terrible- but Bruno Giacomelli doesn't deserve to be in an all-time worst team, does he?

    Michael Andretti was my third choice McLaren driver. Mansell was, after doing brilliantly to return to very twitchy cars in 1994, absolutely hopeless and missed the first few races because he was too fat- that has to award you a seat in a 'Worst of all Time' team. As for Stephen South, failing to qualify a McLaren is pretty awful. Alliot certainly wasn't too good, he was within a second of Brundle, although Brundle was a hopeless qualifier. It wasn't Alliot's actions, but Jabouille's when he was a big cheese at Peugeot in 1994 to try and push Alliot into the McLaren at a race when it was clear he wasn't as good as Hakkinen and Brundle must have been most irksome for Brundle.
  17. Galahad

    Galahad Not a Moderator Valued Member

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    I think it'd be harsh to include South, that McLaren was pretty dreadful. John Watson's grid positions for the first five races that season were 17, 23, 21, 21 and 20. Then at Monaco for the sixth race he didn't qualify.
  18. TN23

    TN23 Rookie

    Watson had a dreadful 1980, no doubt. But he saved himself by being regenerated as a driver when Ron Dennis arrived. Of course, he's saved from worst ever by outdriving Lauda in 1982-83, or at least it seemed that way to me!
  19. VanChallis

    VanChallis Points Scorer

    That's one of my favourite F1 memories. Major Cajones shown there! :)
  20. siffert_fan

    siffert_fan Too old to watch the Asian races live. Contributor

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    Sorry, Galahad, but for once I have to disagree with you. Andretti wasn't all that bad. The car that year was treacherous, even Senna said so. The first attempt at active suspension by McLaren was a bust, so bad that whenever Andretti would spin, Senna was pretty sure to follow suit shortly thereafter. Mika H was being given all of the testing time, leaving Andretti relativiely unfamiliar with the car. However, at the times when Andretti and Mika were both allowed to test on the same day, Mika was NEVER faster than Andretti. Ron just decided to use Andretti as a scapegoat to cover a sub-par car. And being American, quite frankly, is never popular in the Formula 1 context.
  21. teabagyokel

    teabagyokel #dejavu Valued Member

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    Another modern list:

    Luca Badoer, Giancarlo Fisichella
    You can say what you like about the F60, it wasn't driven too well when Massa suffered his injury

    Alex Zanardi, Kazuki Nakajima
    I wish Zanardi was ineligible for this list, but both of these guys suffered a defeat to nil in teams who weren't suffering

    Nigel Mansell, Michael Andretti
    Michael, you can't commute. As for Mansell, it'd be nice if he could have fit in the car, no?

    Nelsinho Piquet/Jenson Button
    Button's time at Benetton nearly destroyed his career, Piquet's time at Renault did.

    Cristiano da Matta/Ralf Schumacher
    OK, da Matta was hopeless, but why Ralf? For the money they're paying him...

    Scott Speed/Sebastien Bourdais
    It just didn't work for Bourdais in F1, and Speed hadn't got the same

    Jacques Villeneuve/Pedro Diniz
    Hope Diniz brought money, Villeneuve never looked like a World Champion

    Christian Albers/Georgio Pantano
    Albers stuck around for too much time before leaving his fuel hose in at Magny-Cours, Pantano was hopeless.

    Chanoch Nissany/Gianmaria Bruni
    So much choice, but even as a third driver Nissany takes the mick, and Bruni is in because even Baumgartner scored a point.

    Riccardo Zonta/Michael Schumacher
    Yes, I'm saying Schumi has been extraordinarily disappointing with Mercedes. Zonta failed to live up to the lowest of standards.

    Luciano Burti/Antonio Pizzonia
    A right pair of Brazilian disasters these pair were!

    Toranasuke Takagi/Enrique Bernoldi
    Bernoldi held Coulthard up at Monaco and did nowt else, Takagi was pathetic.

    Yuji Ide/Sakon Yamamoto
    Sakon always seems at risk of his head falling off, Ide was at risk of taking someone's head off

    Gaston Mazzacane/Heinz-Harald Frentzen
    Reutemann and Fangio's legacy was not safe with Gaston. And we knew Frentzen's career was over when he wound up with them too!

    Nicola Kiesa/Zsolt Baumgartner
    They've had so many crap drivers its hard to keep track of them all.

    • Mika Salo: Fisi saved him from a Ferrari seat
    • Narain Karthikeyan: Not overly qualified to drive an F1 car
    • Christian Klien: Surely there is some team he should take this seat from
    • Romain Grosjean: Not the easiest job, but still done poorly
    • Marc Gene: Did he really drive a Williams? And got replaced by Pizzonia!
    • Vitantonio Liuzzi: A definite third division driver.
    • Robert Doornbos: Another Minardi placeman!
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