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Discussion in 'Formula One Discussion' started by Angel, Apr 30, 2019.

  1. Ruslan

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    Yea, it is weird. It looks like he had second secured, and then gave it up for fourth.
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  3. RasputinLives

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    Izumi that's very interesting. I'd like to know more. I think from your post that you are one of the people mentioned. Could you explain to me in layman's terms where Merc's technical advantage is and comes from?
  4. Angel

    Angel Happy to be here. Contributor

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    I guess it was that instinct not to crash again, at least he didn't spin this time. We have to be grateful for small mercies.
  5. great video, congratulations. Regarding Hamilton being the only one who managed to take the correct line into both T1 and T2 that is pretty obvious as he was on the inside line. Vettel had to back off to take T2 as he had a closer angle but on the apex of T2 is already on the pace. Vettel's problem is the next turn, when for reasons that I still don't fully understand he lost 3rd to Verstappen, I mean Vettel got into the turn very close to Bottas and when he got out he had lost a lot of time, something must have happened in turn 3. I've seen some people claiming that since he locked up big time under braking for T1 his car had switched to antistall mode but it seems to me as if he manages to get on the engine no prob between T1 and T2 and out of T2. Anyway Vettel lost a podium finish on that lap in T3, and when I say that he "lost" it I mean that it was something down to his lack of speed on that turn, not Verstappen doing anything extraordinary
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  6. Izumi

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    ...something about flat-spotted tire, because he locked wheels, but I am still short of understanding whole sequence...
  7. olegg

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  8. Ruslan

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    Really, Albon 4th? Vettel is not even on the list !!!!
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  9. olegg

    olegg Race Winner

    These rates isn't from me.
    It is Formula1' opinion
  10. Izumi

    Izumi Points Scorer

    After seeing posted ratings, first impulse was to seek Garbage button, so I can click on it, but now I would like to ask instead, what is methodology used to derive those results? Is there mathematical/statistical foundation, or this is again based on consensus spewed by a small group of wise men siting around round table answering subjectively 5.5 questions, and then averaging guesses for publication?

    Long time ago for my own consumption I used to carry out my own set of calculations based on data FiA published. I have taken composite fastest lap of the race as 100% based on three fastest sectors (by any drivers), then I did the same with two teams, and only then calculated performance of drivers based of deviation from such theoretical laps to arrive at race efficiency for given equipment by "my" driver.

    I was tired from empty slandering and baseless claims who has or hasn't fastest car. I don't do that anymore. There is no point. Last race was a first race in several decades, which I have deliberately ignored, and did something else.
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  11. Ruslan

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    I know that and I do appreciate all the material you post to the site. But....I do have some questions about this list.
  12. FB

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    I still haven't watched this, should I bother?
  13. RasputinLives

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    Nope. Just read a review of it.
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