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Discussion in 'Formula One Discussion' started by FB, May 29, 2019.

  1. RasputinLives

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    Greenlantern101 I think you're on flimsy ground with 'gaining and advantage'. He lost considerable time. As we've seen throughout the last 15 years drivers don't get penalised for that unless they gain a position.

    Just a point I'm going to make here. Anyone who agrees that Vettel's penalty is fair will also agree that Hamilton's penalty in Belgium in 2008 is also correct right?
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  3. Radical F1

    Radical F1 Test Driver

    F1 has finally taken their Cyanide.
    Death is imminent - Goodbye F1 ! :bangfists:
    And that's all I'm gonna say.
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  4. Dartman

    Dartman Points Scorer

    I would suggest he was just a passenger because he kept his foot down when regaining the track,, I would also suggest it was 50/50 that he didn't hit the wall, once Hamilton braked he could then lift and regain control as Hamilton braking lost more momentum, I consider it was deliberate as to be overtaken in making an unforced error under pressure would not have helped his future
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  5. good point

    BTW I think that Hamilton's move at La Source was amazing
  6. Izumi

    Izumi Points Scorer

    ...FiA may also take dim view for him to stand briefly (with Hamilton) on P1 spot on the podium.
  7. his car was oversteering when he rejoined the track, had he lifted he would have spun (and Hamilton would have hit him)

    Anyway, finally something interesting to keep us all busy chatting :cheers:
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  8. Izumi

    Izumi Points Scorer

    Will Ferrari go through with their intent to protest?
  9. Greenlantern101

    Greenlantern101 Super Hero And All Round Good Guy Contributor

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    Max from p9 to p5
    Gasly from p5 to p8.....?????
  10. Izumi

    Izumi Points Scorer

    It is painful to watch for past number of years how Vettel is treated by race authorities compared to other drivers.
  11. Izumi

    Izumi Points Scorer

    Ferrari confirm decision to appeal steward's decision

    Not sure that will help, and as in the past, protest might be withdrawn at later date.
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  12. Izumi

    Izumi Points Scorer

    Marko has lost his temper with the tyre situation in Formula 1

    “Mercedes was the only team to benefit from this stupid tyre change,” Marko is also quoted by La Gazzetta dello Sport. “Nine teams have problems, one does not. Whose idea was it to change them? Mercedes! Because they were constantly blistering.”

    OK Helmut, and what are you going to do about it? Another season is lost already. Even Vettel is now "disgruntled employee".
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  13. Greenlantern101

    Greenlantern101 Super Hero And All Round Good Guy Contributor

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    Does anyone know how long the appeal takes? You Bet results delayed because of this.
    2 weeks until next race though.
  14. Angel

    Angel Pole Sitter Supporter

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    That penalty was soooooo wrong in my opinion. Sure it was an error that Seb shouldn't have made and yes Hamilton had to take a bit of evasive action, but handing down that penalty made no sense at all to me. It ruined the race as far as I was concerned and the crowd in Montreal agreed by the way they booed Hamilton on the podium Seb was a gentleman saying the crowd was wrong to boo Hamilton and I did like that he swapped the numbers the way he did, that at least made me smile.

    I understand why they put penalties in place but for me that was a really bad decision. Seb had nowhere else to go and nothing else he could do that wouldn't have made matters worse. From what I have seen on social media a lot of former F1 drivers agree, they have been there and done that so their opinion matters more than just us mere armchair viewers to some degree. If people like that are disgusted by such penalties then something needs to be done. That for me was just a racing incident and not a penalty at all. I hope the Ferrari appeal works out for them, I can see why they and Seb feel cheated by that result, as an F1 fan I do too. But then you could say I'm biased being a Seb fan and maybe to some degree I am.
  15. olegg

    olegg Race Winner

    The correct penalty for a dangerous return to the track.
    The minimum from possible, which allowed Vettel to win the race.
    But it was not the first time he had succumbed to emotions
    and could well be left without a second place.
    It is unfortunate that Leclerс not punish his teammate for such behavior.
    It would be very interesting to see if Vettel would understand
    who is to blame for his result?
  16. F1Brits_90

    F1Brits_90 Race Winner

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    im not sure he was on the throttle dont forget he probally just momentum with entry speeds of 105 - 110 mph. karun chandhok had a great bit on sky pad which I nearly switched over because I thought they were analysing to death. but shows that vettel coming off the grass had to put opposite lock as back stepped out again. so Im with vettel at that time every other situation I can think of includes Leclerc maiden victory

    ps: I disagreed with that decision in 2007/8 as well

    vettel canada.png
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  17. Izumi

    Izumi Points Scorer

    I think he uderstood what happened. I do however doubt - repectfully - that you do.
  18. F1Brits_90

    F1Brits_90 Race Winner

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    in that case I think stewards were far too lenient, should've been a drive through penalty or disqualification. me changing my opinion has nothing to with the 105 brogans including stake that I stand to win if lewis is confirmed as winner ;)
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  19. Angel

    Angel Pole Sitter Supporter

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    Please tell me what else Vettel could have done in that situation which wouldn't have ended up with him potentially taking both Hamilton as well as himself out of the race causing a lot of damage and potential injury to either/both of them. I would seriously be interested to know. Given the space and the speed they were going I can't see how any other action would have ended better for either of them. It could have been substantially worse, but not better.

    I am sure they will bring it in at some point but to the best of my knowledge you can't make one of those cars evaporate yet. That is about the only other thing Seb could do that would have been better for Hamilton from what I can tell.

    As for Leclerc, I am assuming the team made sure he didn't add insult to injury in this situation and rightly so.
  20. It seems that Ferrari is preparing all the documents to notify their appeal, I wish that they have looked at this with the necessary care because they risk an even tougher penalty.

    Also while I don't think that Vettel broke any rule when he re-entered the track I am 100% sure that he broke several rules when he refused to put his car into parc ferme and when he swapped the #1 board with the #2 in front of Hamilton's car. Just to clarify my thoughts on this: I think that he was totally right in making his point, personally I wouldn't have attended the podium ceremony, he would have been given a fine but with all the money that he makes it would have been an insignificant amount of money. Sometimes when you believe that you are in the right you have to accept the consequences of your actions.

    This looks like the kind of situation where, just to make a point, the judiciary will go to any lenght to reaffirm their power

    On top of that I have no trust whatsoever in the FIA's judiciary
  21. Izumi

    Izumi Points Scorer

    This is not going to be easy case, but I think teams have to stand up and be counted against FiA's abuses of authority.

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