Pre-GP Quiz 2019 Australian Grand Prix Quiz

Discussion in 'Quizzes' started by Angel, Feb 23, 2019.

  1. Angel

    Angel Pole Sitter Supporter

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    Okay FB has put up his PQR thread, so I thought I'd get the first pre race quiz of the year up too.

    Can you believe it's almost the start of another season of F1? No, me either, let's hope it's a good one eh? I have tried to make this quiz light hearted and not too difficult, hopefully, to blow the cobwebs away and ease us into a new season. You should score at least a couple of points I would hope. Here we go then, good luck all who take it on! Ten points are up for grabs.

    1. It's only a year since the last race but can you name the three drivers who stood on the podium in Albert Park in 2018?

    1st Vettel, 2nd Hamilton, 3rd Raikkonen 1 point if you got all three in the correct order, half a point if you got them but in a different order.

    2. When he wins a race Daniel Ricciardo has his own unique and special celebration, what does he call it?


    3. As it's 2019, name the drivers of cars 20 and 19.

    20 Magnussen, 19 Massa. Half a point each

    4. Who is Albert Park named after?

    Prince Albert, Queen Victoria's consort.

    5. When he was full of anticipation for a new season as World Champion, what team was Damon Hill driving for when he rather embarrassingly broke down on the way to the grid in Australia in 1997 and failed to start the race?


    6. The most successful Australian driver of all time was Jack Brabham, he won three world championships but can you name the years?

    1959, 1960 & 1966. Half a point if you got 2, a full point if you got all 3

    7. Still with Jack Brabham, he had three sons, Geoff didn't follow him into F1 but the other two did, can you give me their first names?

    Gary & David. Half a point for each.

    8. Only one other Australian won the world championship, he managed this in 1980, can you name him?

    Alan Jones

    9. Out of the current drivers on the grid only three have won this race, but who out of them has won it the most times?

    Vettel with 3 wins, Hamilton and Raikkonen both have 2

    10. Mark Webber took part in more races than any other Aussie driver, so far. Name all four teams that he drove for in his career.

    Minardi, Jaguar, Williams, Red Bull. Half a point if you got more than 2, a full point if you got all four.
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  3. RasputinLives

    RasputinLives Not dead Contributor

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    6 and a half.

    Good quiz although I have a complaint about question 3! :)
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  4. FB

    FB Not my cup of cake Valued Member

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    7 1/2 - better than normal
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  5. gethinceri

    gethinceri Daniil Kvyat Fan. Alfa Romeo Fan. Contributor

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    Nice quiz, thanks.
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  6. Angel

    Angel Pole Sitter Supporter

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    What complaint? I'm curious now.
  7. vintly

    vintly Mostly bacon Premium Contributor

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    4! Nice quiz.
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  8. cider_and_toast

    cider_and_toast Exulted Lord High Moderator of the Apex Staff Member Premium Contributor

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    6 points. Most splendid quiz. :thumbsup:
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  9. RasputinLives

    RasputinLives Not dead Contributor

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    Angel my objection is that if you are not on the grid you don't have a car to have a number. Never been a fan of this number belonging to drivers nonsense

    But is there FIA I object to not your quiz ;)
  10. Angel

    Angel Pole Sitter Supporter

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    Thanks for clarifying RasputinLives :) The number only stays with you for two years after you leave F1, so Massa won't have that number by the end of the year as I understand it. I checked that before I used it in the quiz ;)

    See I like the drivers having their own number as it helps you to recognise who is who to some degree I always find.
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  11. HansyRod

    HansyRod Points Scorer

    5 points, , thanks for the quiz!
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  12. Bleu

    Bleu Points Scorer

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  13. Johnny Carwash

    Johnny Carwash Champion Elect Contributor

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  14. Olivier

    Olivier Race Winner

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    6.5! perhaps my best ever
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  15. jez101

    jez101 Bookies drive nice cars because of people like me Contributor

    Also 6.5

    Mildly frustrated that I got one Brabham year on the nose and missed the others by a total of 2 years but got a big fat zero! But I will live, thanks Angel .
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  16. Chasz

    Chasz Points Scorer

    5, nice one Angel
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  17. F1Brits_90

    F1Brits_90 Race Winner

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    7 - nice quiz something for everyone & level
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  18. 220

    220 Learner

    8 but being aussie most of them were pretty easy
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  19. Angel

    Angel Pole Sitter Supporter

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    Thanks for all the nice comments guys, I'm glad you're enjoying it :thumbsup:
  20. Greenlantern101

    Greenlantern101 Super Hero And All Round Good Guy Contributor

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