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Discussion in 'Formula One Discussion' started by FB, Feb 23, 2019.

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    wow that's brilliant. groundskeeper is a intresting job, all the tricks to keep the pitch looking pristine 9 months in yr, English isnt know for its great climate. yep that how most football fans end at the specific clubs, because as a child you dont get say in the matter, as family member takes you, who was probally taken when they were a child & cycle continues :D
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    Must be where I get my love of gardening from ;)
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  4. You're not being thick, it's just very hard to speculate. From my personal experience all teams run tests (now I assume simulations) of the race conditions for each event, in essence they make many runs using various cooling set ups, until they find the solution that allows them higher top speed (ie less openings for cooling) and enough cooling. By the looks of it Ferrari got that wrong. I don't know to what extrent it is possible to simulate such temperaturs with computers, my personal experience was running all day up and down an empty airfield with different openings for the radiators, I assume that things have move on a bit from them. Last night I was watching a video were they showed how closed the bodywork of that Ferrari was compared to the Mercedes
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  5. Bring back Monty? seriously they need to find a leader and stick to him/her, changing their bosses every other year doesn't look like a winning strategy
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    In other words they have to make significant modifications or else write off their season based on what happened in the first race? Thanks for explaining this to me, I appreciate it a lot :) That is why I've always thought you are a very nice man :friends:
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    Well, I don't know if Arrivabenne was any good, but I gather that part of the reason he was replaced was that Binotto was extremely unhappy with him (was going to quit?).

    Trying to sort out the musical chairs (this gets complex):

    CEO of Ferrari:
    Montezemolo: 1991 - 10 September 2014
    Marchionne: 2014 - 25 July 2018
    Camilleri: July 2018 to present

    Todt: 1994-2007
    Domenicali: 2008 - until April 2014
    Mattiacci: April-November 2014
    Arrivabenne: November 2014-Janary 2019
    Binnoto: Since 7 January 2019 (been with Ferrari since 1995)

    Chief Technical Officer:
    Ross Brawn: 1996-2006
    Aldo Costa: 2007-2011
    James Allison: 2014? - 27 July 2016
    Mattia Binnoto: 27 July 2016 - 7 January 2019
    Laurent Mekies: 2019-

    Chief Designer
    Rory Byrne: 1996-2004
    Aldo Costa: 2004-2006
    Tombazis: 2006-2011
    Pat Fry: 2011-2013 (chassis technical director....there was no chief designer)
    James Allison: July 2013 - 2014
    Simone Resta: 2015-2018
    Is there one?: 2019
  8. let's hope not, but it doesn't look as if their car is as good as we were led to believe that it was after Barcelona. I hope that they can be competitive for the rest of the season otherwise it's going to be dull.

    I think that their main problem is the front end of the car, if that is as extreme as some are suggesting then they will struggle every time the conditions are not 100% suitable for their car.

    With respect of the cooling issue I guess that it might just be a mistake when they decided how to set up the car for Melbourne. I have seen some who were mentioning that all Ferrari powered cars were relatively slow on the main straight last Sunday.

    Please also consider that my technical knowledge is rather limited so I might get something wrong here. To me Vettel's Ferrari didn't look as if it had a lot of understeer as some were saying but rather that it was sloding a lot, maybe turn in wasn't great
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    Spaghetti culture of Ferrari has always been their problem .. the most successful period was Todt-Brawn-Schumacher-Byrne-Stepney because they all knew who was in charge and who to go to sort things out

    Fighting within at Ferrari just mentally drains the driver - it happened with Prost then Alonso so Vettel has been there a while and must be feeling the same things especially last year the team did not go out to back him. That was a perfect example of no leadership and rather people trying to keep their noses under the table.

    Arrivabene- I think he was suppose to be out the year before but somehow he stayed on for a year but he kept ducking answering questions whenever it was on TV

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