Grand Prix 2018 Spanish Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula One Discussion' started by cider_and_toast, May 3, 2018.

  1. Chasz

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    All well and good but he was also a full pit stop behind his teammate with no apparent issues apart from a spin
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  3. Il_leone

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    If I was Haas , I would seriously consider Alexander Rossi. Otherwise they maybe forced to field Giovinazzi and given how Grosjean is doing so poorly that could be a serious option
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  4. olegg

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  5. Il_leone

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    those extra pieces mounted on the halo by Ferrari are going to be banned and quite rightly so
  6. vintly

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    It was great to go to Barcelona again this year, brilliant time had by all. On Saturday we watched the GP3 race 1, Porsche quali and the F1 sessions - left before the last F2 race. On Sunday the GP3 race 2, F2 race 2, Porsche race and of course the F1. Traditional Catalunya fare as afar as the racing was concerned - everyone through turn 1 smoothly in every race, to my slight disappointment. And then the Grosjean drama was just out of sight as was Hammy and Roschops' collision two years ago. Bugger.

    Vettel's overtake as Bottas came out of the pit, and a couple of near misses at turn 2 provided some spice, and watching the cars struggling to find grip as they accelerated out of turn 1 was about as exciting as it got. The new surface certainly looked different - it had a sheen from low angles that looked like a wet track, almost like the oil was oozing from the tarmac – likely just an illusion but it was definitely slippy, especially for the GP3 boys.

    Other circuit upgrades included a new fake-grass fan-zone are, with DJ, sit-down arcade-sim racing competitions, people dressed as the drivers with big caricature masks - an improvement on last year for sure. Round the top of the circuit was a family area with bouncy castles, trampolines and a brilliant band:


    No dogs allowed by the way...
    no dogs.jpg

    But cats are fine!


    Yes, this nutter brought his cat to the F1. What's more he got around on a boudoir chair lashed to a Swegway lashed to a home-made tricycle. And he wore a tie. Priceless. Deserves another pic:

    cat trike.jpg

    Smuggling in the drinks was as amusing as ever – hiding things in plain sight is just fun. Our cool-bag was rigorously searched at the gate, with an official asking another if it was ok for me to bring in an ice-pack (full of rum). They turned it over in their hands and shrugged, put it back. Two tubes of 'sun cream' (wine) and a natty pair of binoculars (also wine) added to the festivities. Jealous looks all round.


    Back in Barcelona the food was better than ever, astounding value, and we even had a swim - bloody cold but sorted out the hangover. And even though the racing on Sunday was a bit pants, for once I'm glad to have missed the detail on TV, as watching them hare round in the flesh was a buzz.
  7. cider_and_toast

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    Great write up vintly :thumbsup:
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  8. gethinceri

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    Hahaha!! Better than the race!
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